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It does not matter how you get started at meditation as long as you get started. Most people will usually switch their practice technique many times in their life anyway. So the key is to get started in a way that's aligned with the correct philosophical pillars of practice. While it does not get into the esoteric realm, the Holosync program recognizes quite a few of these correct pillars.

Finding happiness

If your goal is finding happiness, you have found the right place. True happiness is a choice YOU have to make. It is a state of being only you can create. The self-actualization tips filling this website are your tools to help create true happiness from within.

How to know your higher self

Access your infinite Inner wisdom to enjoy peace, happiness and life Purpose, and blast away obstacles frustrating your most cherished dreams.

Understanding your dreams

Learn to recall and understand your dreams, the language of the heart and soul, to heal your heart, body and life in this Self-Healing Expressions email course by acclaimed author and spiritual counselor Laura V. Hyde.

The Eft Coach
Ebook: A complete guide to using Emotional Freedom Technique as a coaching tool,
If you thought EFT was "therapy" - think again! The EFT Coach shows you how to apply EFT in a coaching context, including many new patterns of EFT specially developed for use by coaches.
If you've never heard of EFT but you're a coach interested in new coaching methods, The EFT Coach could change your coaching practice forever. Imagine being able to dissolve your client's fears and blast through their blocks to action - in minutes instead of hours or weeks. The EFT Coach tells you how.

The Bsff Original Manual
Training Manual for Larry Nims Ph.D. Be Set Free Fast Techniques. Directly from the originator of the revolutionary Be Set Free Fast, this is the original BSFF training manual with all relevant protocols, set ups and many supporting article to understand and apply this unique system of healing.

Live In a World with No Problems
Dissolve problems and transform them into opportunities. in the real, get- results world.
I was overweight, working too hard, too many hours... struggling to find something that worked, surrounded by an ocean of "problems" that felt like they'd engulf me, financially and emotionally. Then, everything changed... when I discovered and used... the astonishingly simple secret of The Impossibility Transformer!"
Now, I have a life that is 95% the way I like it…true riches, great relationships, a successful coaching practice…. working with just the people I want as clients... and I've even lost 35 lbs.... and all because I learned to dissolve problems using the Impossibility Transformer.

Changing Your Emotions And Your Life!
Learn how changing your emotions can transform your life! Enjoy renewed vitality, improved relationships and greater prosperity. When you don't feel well because of emotional stress, anger, sadness, or unresolved turmoil in your life, it's virtually impossible to enjoy the happiness and vitality that should be a natural part of your daily life.
Negative emotions can literally choke the "life" out of your daily experience and prevent you from enjoying the things that you deserve and desire.
"Learning how to change our negative emotions is literally the key to living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life."  Learning how to change your emotions can allow you to rediscover joy in your life and help you to overcome the negative energy that has been keeping you down.