Change your life by building confidence

Start building confidence and start feeling confident, but what if you are starting with little or no confidence? How do you get from point A and reach point B?


It would be grand if you could just wake up in the morning, brush your teeth and put on your confidence for the day?

Well, for those of you who do not have a drawer full, here are 4 simple strategies that will help you in building confidence.


Accentuate the positive.

Be your own best friend use positive thinking methods. What do you tell a friend who is trying something new, whether or not it turned out well? At least you tried something new- good for you!

Accentuate the effort it took in doing something, rather than the final outcome. (You do it for your best friend, or would you?) We all have limitations. The key is to accept that you have them without dwelling on them.


Do not be afraid to take some risks.

When you are about to embark on a new experience, do you spend your time worrying so much about the outcome you are not enjoying the moment? If you look at new things in your life as a chance to learn something, it opens up the possibility of you becoming good at that something.

If you spend your time dreading the outcome, you will turn any opportunity there might have been into a failure. What is more, we cannot grow when you are frozen with fear. Do not set yourself up to fail. If you do, look at number one, again!


Use self-talk to keep assumptions away.

We all use self-talk. The key is to use it in a way that you do not form bad thoughts that can lead to permanent doubt. After all, you want to change your life for the better. Catch yourself using negative self-talk and cancel it with something positive and not based on assumptions!

Building confidence by not expecting perfection from yourself at all times. You can only do your very best at something. Nobody can do everything perfectly, so why do you assume that you should be able to?


Learn to rely on your self-evaluation.

If you always rely on the opinion of others, you will always be wondering what they think! That does nothing when building confidence it tears it down, by giving away your personal power to others.

Focus on the real you, inside, to find out how you feel about your own actions, how you are doing at your job, etc. You will be developing a strong sense of who you are.

It’s important to remember that no one can be self-confident all of the time. In fact, you will start building confidence faster and easier once your realize that.

Most people with low self-esteem or who lack confidence are that way because of unrealistic expectations. They expect more from themselves than they do others.

A person with low self-esteem will think nothing about calling him or herself a ‘stupid idiot.’ They would not dream of saying that to someone else. To start building confidences create your life plan plus it is a good idea to be your own best friend.