Useful exercises for testing your sixth sense.

Here are four different types of exercises that are connected with the sixth sense.


Now we will look at four different types of senses. These are all connected with the third eye or the sixth sense



Are you sometimes aware of odd shapes out of the corner of your eye? These can be animals or pinpoints of floating light. This is known as psychic vision.

What this means is you have the ability to see energies with the help of your third eye. The energies are not seen by the naked eye. Using the skill of the third eye can take many years to mature but when understood can be a very powerful tool.


Sensing things others cannot

Some people can sense things that are going to happen before they do. This is known as Clairsentience this is a form of intuition or insight. This sense will open up many different energies. A good way to develop this skill is to connect with energies from living plants. This will in turn inspire you with a sense of well-being and positive energy.

Once you establish an active relationship with nature, your senses will become alive to everything around you. This in turn allows you to acquire information beyond other people’s capabilities. Flowers, plants and trees generate beneficial energy. To help you become in tune with this positive force visit a favorite outdoor spot and focus on a plant, flower or tree.


Knowing something is going to happen

There are people that can predict exactly what is about to happen, before it does. They get images of future events literally out of the blue. This sensation is often non-specific; it might come as a tingling feeling, anticipation or an uneasy feeling of apprehension. This happens when your senses are putting you on alert. Being able to know things in advance gives you an edge in all kinds of situations whether it is dealing with people or assessing events.

Once you start to trust your hunches and inner signals, you will boost your confidence. When you feel something is going to happen start to pay attention especially if you sense danger. Always trust your intuition never ignore it.

If you want proof at the time you feel something is going to happen, say it aloud to someone or write it in your journal. As you get more and more predictions correct, you will trust your intuition more than anything else.


Sense a Place

Psychic experts develop a skill where they can see from a distance. Having this ability allows you to tune in to anywhere in the world. This skill literally opens up a different world and allows you to travel far and wide without leaving your home.

A psychic called Ingo Swann was given information over the phone of an area he did not know or every visited. Ingo was then asked to describe the place he could see. Ingo describe the buildings, their color and how they were placed in the town. He also described the coastline and also named some boats. Ingo did this with unbelievable accuracy. You can use this ability on a day-to-day basis. You can use it to track down your families every move. If you can use this skill, remember to respect individuals privacy, a loving check is acceptable obsessive snooping is not.

Professionally people can use this skill to help police find missing people or even help criminal investigations. Scientists have tested this ability by looking at hundreds of objects. They then pick one and hide it. The person being tested has to describe the object and the place it has been hidden.

Once you have read and understood this section. We can start the exercise.


Exercise - Testing your sixth sense

If you answer yes to these questions, at the end add up your scores and check your answers.


Have you instantly felt that a place was happy, threatening or sad?

Do you know if you can or cannot trust someone?

When the phone rings do you often know who is on the other end?

Can you hear someone’s thoughts and visualize them?

Have you ever had a feeling that someone has walked through you?

When looking for a place, have you ever followed your instinct to find it?

When you wake up do you sometimes find you have resolved a problem?

Whilst meeting someone can you tell if they are sad?

When you close your eyes do you sometimes see pictures?

Do the hairs stand up on the back of your neck?

Have you ever made a decision against the advice of others?

Do you have many coincidences?

How many questions did you say yes too?

1 to 2. If you got only a couple of questions right you should still be able to use you institution but you will have to work hard.

3 to 5. You are quite active in this area although you still have areas you need to improve.

7 to 9. So far, you are very well tuned. With more practice, you could use your intuition very precisely.

10 or over. You have a very powerful intuition and are well developed. You should have the confidence to trust any judgment you make.


Getting to Know Your Sixth Sense

Testing Your Sixth Sense Exercise