A Country Scene Meditation

This country scene meditation helps make your mind calmer, leading to clear-seeing, happiness and freedom from suffering.


Find a comfortable place where you can relax and be completely quiet. Now allow your thoughts to just come and go, now take a deep breath in and hold it, now gather up the tension in your body and release it as you exhale. Now breathe in new possibilities and allow your body to fill with lightness feel it becoming lighter and lighter as you relax more and more. Relaxing deeper now feeling very light, so light in fact you feel like you could almost float away.

Now imagine that a shaft of light has appeared in front of you going from the floor up to the ceiling and beyond, now imagine yourself getting up from the chair or the floor you are laying on and walk into the light, which is warm and welcoming. When you are in the shaft of light you realize it is a lift made out of glass. It is a very nice lift, you feel yourself gently going upwards..

As the lift stops, the door opens you find yourself looking at a wonderful country scene and you step out of the lift into a meadow of luscious green grass with beautiful flowers. Do not worry about getting back because the lift will remain open until it is time for you to return.

The first thing you notice is the heat from the sun; it makes you feel warm all over. You now see a pathway, which leads to some shady trees one of the trees has a bench. Walk along the pathway towards the bench, as you walk you can enjoy the birds singing, there is the sound of water running in a stream and there are some children playing. As you reach the bench you sit down and watch for a short time.

As you sit you notice someone coming towards you. This can be anyone you like as long as it is someone you trust and feel safe with. They come and join you on the bench, if you have any troubling thoughts or any questions you needed answered this is the time to do so. Do not be afraid no one is going to judge you or laugh at you.

As you look ahead you now notice a clearing and you can see a pale blue light. The person with you tells you to walk towards it and when you reach the light walk inside. The person tells you that blue is a healing light. You are also told that if you want it, there is something waiting for you.

As you walk through the light you look up and notice that on a tree there are some crystals and some books as you walk towards the tree you are told you can take something with you when you leave. What you take is up to you but it will have an answer to your question.

It is now time for you to leave the clearing and make your way back along the path, pass the bench through the meadow towards the light. As you get closer, you notice the lift door is still open and you step inside. As the door closes, you are once again enveloped in the light, and you feel yourself moving gently down. You have re-entered the room where you started your journey. You are still in the light and you are standing in front of where you where sitting.

Walk out of the light and sit or lay back down. Become aware of your physical body and slowly bring yourself back to the here and now slowly open your eyes.