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Hello, My name is Lynn Claridge.

Back in the 80s when I worked for a Large Corporation. The days when we had Personnel Departments and not HR, I was responsible for the recruitment and training of sales consultants.

It became apparent that to invest in your workforce was far more important then just employing them. You taught them product knowledge and selling skills, but that was all. To really invest in people you had to teach them motivational and personal development skills. Consequently a decision was made at board level to embark upon a massive training program.

The problem was, where did we start? For us this was new territory. After several meetings it was decided that the only way we could "role out" such a massive training program to thousands of staff was to use our Branch Managers to assist in this training, but first we had to train the Branch Managers.

So then came the question, which Managers would we train to become the trainers.

The answer was obvious, THE BEST. But how did they become the best, after all we were not training them. So how come these managers (about 2% of the management workforce) had the edge on the other managers? We had to find out.

A test was devised, and all managers participated. The questions were not conventional, they were designed to get behind the psyche, we wanted to know how our managers thought. We wanted to know why some managers were continually successful while others were not.

When we analyzed the results we found a common denominator amongst all our top managers.

1) They were all very well organized and highly self motivated.

2) They were all very confident; they had a very high self-esteem.

So that was the answer we had to train all our managers and staff these skills. From that moment I was hooked on personal development and the mindset of very successful people. Most importantly, I became interested in the science behind the subject.

I have read hundreds of books, manuals and articles on the subject. I believe this web site offers the best of the net in self-help, motivation and personal development ebook's and courses.

If you really want to invest in your future you have to learn the skills. You have to have the right attitude, the correct mindset, you have to understand how things work.

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