How to Send Absent Healing

Did you know that absent healing is more commonly known as distance healing, and has been used by man throughout time? It’s all about sending love.


Many people write or e-mail me asking about absent healing for them or how they can help their family, friends or pets.

Many people want to heal but do not know how to go about it?

Read on!

I will now offer you some sound advice on how to begin distant healing and absent healing.

The main thing to remember is that healers are not miracle workers; they are still human and have an ordinary life. In my work I have found that one in ten people have healing abilities, but it can take a long time and much hard work to build them to full strength. There is no reason why you should not try, although a good deal of the work is connected with focusing and dedication.

The most important fact you need to remember is that for healing to be effective, you must be in a positive frame of mind. Above all you should be able to concentrate without interruption.

Do not try distant healing or absent healing if you feel low, as the amount of love and light you give out to other people equals the amount of energy and healing they receive.

Distant healing and absent healing is the first method to attempt, it may not work for the first few times so do not give up. The more you try the more positive your efforts will become.

Concentrate on a picture of the sick person or animal, or imagine them in your mind. Some people like to light a candle. Start to visualize the person and start sending out love, warmth and light and imagine the person receiving the energy. If you use a candle do not stare at the flame, but have the image in your mind. It also helps to have a personal object, maybe a ring or piece of fur if an animal. Background music can also be very relaxing.

Continue with the distant healing and absent healing for up to five minutes or until you feel that your energy is waning. Extinguish the candle if used and keep it safe for another day. Do not use the candle for any other reason. Simply continue with the absent healing until the person or pet feels better. I find the best time for me to do my distant healing and absent healing is at 9 o’clock at night for 10 minutes every night.

Distant healing or absent healing is just as affective as personal healing session. Every healer works in a slightly different way, yet they all produce a wonderful and a beautiful experience.

Imagine the healing power of thousands, all around the world sending healing energy to one person.

It is possible to transmit healing energies over a distance and this form of healing, can be practiced by a group of healers or by an individual healer. It does not matter what way you choose, healing can still be very effective.

Healing is available to everyone, it does not matter what color, class or creed. Healing comes from a universal source of love and healers provide a channel for the healing energies to pass on to the patient. Healing is non-denominational and does not depend on the patient having any faith, religion or belief. Healers pass on love and compassion.

Spiritual healing is about healing the mind and body. The healer attunes themselves as a channel for higher energy, which activates the self-healing power of the patient at all relevant levels of their being.

Healing is perfectly safe for all different conditions of ill health. It is safe to say, that there is no known condition that has not responded to healing at some time or other. Whilst as a healer I do not promise you a total cure, I am confident that you will receive benefits. Healing is a way to supplement other forms of treatment; the patient may receive from a general practitioner or hospital.

Healing can help to eliminate pain, to reduce stress and anxiety, however, as a healer I would still encourage you to follow or continue treatment that as been recommended to you.