Positive affirmations and positive thinking

How to use affirmations effectively. Self-affirmations are positive statements or self-scripts that can condition the subconscious mind to help you develop more.


Have you ever been in that place where you have been using affirmations for months or maybe even years and you still have not manifested your dreams or goal?

You know how frustrating that feels. Trying to consciously change your unconscious is like what happens when the salesman comes to your front door. Before he even gets his first word out your defenses are up. And more often than not you do not buy what he is selling.

And that’s the same with affirmations; your unconscious puts its defenses up and usually does not buy what your conscious is selling. After years of bombarding your unconscious with the same affirmation, eventually it gives in and buys the affirmation.


There’s got to be a better way right…

Well there is, and the advertising industry is using it on you every day. While you are concentrating on one thing, you are being bombarding with thousands of messages, almost all of which you do not consciously notice, so there’s no defenses going up. Those messages are being passed straight through to your unconscious mind.


So is not it about time you started to use this same technology to improve your life.

Well you can. Noel Jones has created a series of subliminal videos (Success Accelerator Subliminal Videos) that use exactly the same principle advertising experts have been for years.

A study done by H. Cook PhD in 1985 concluded that subliminally stimulating students to feel better about themselves enabled them to learn more efficiently. Subliminal messaging technology has come a long way since 1985.


Imagine what it can do for you now.

Another study, reported in the 'Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease' found that the use of subliminal messaging increased your ability to give up smoking. And, a follow up study showed that the ability to stay off smoking was significantly improved.

If subliminal messaging can stop people from smoking, what else could it do for you?

Other clinical studies have shown women of all ages lost significant weight. Physical performance has been improved and attitudes, values and beliefs can be changed.

So do not bother working with affirmations manually anymore, its too much work and it takes too long, give the latest technology a try and see how rapid and effectively you can change.