Different Types of Alternative Healing

Welcome to alternative healing, I am a qualified complimentary therapist. Healing puts mind over body and believes in the power of the human mind.

Herbalism is the oldest form of medicine known to humankind, and the knowledge of the healing powers of herbs has been accumulating over thousands of years. People from all cultures have explored the natural world around them using herbs as a great power to help sustain their body. This section will show you, how herbs work, what a herb is, how to prepare herbs, what each different herb does, and for what symptoms they are used.

Flower Remedies use the vibration essence of flowers, helping to balance the negative emotions that lead to and are symptoms of disease. They are a simple natural method of establishing personal equilibrium and harmony. Flower remedies are simple to make and are safe for all people of all ages and levels of health. They will not interfere with any other medication. In this section, you will learn about all thirty-eight flowers and the making of flower essences. You will learn how each flower can help with the symptoms and what flower to use.

Aromatherapy comes from a combination of two words “aroma” which means small fragrance and “therapy” which means a treatment for the body or mind or social condition of a person to assist a process where healing and change can take place. The science of aromatherapy is based on various treatments using essential oils that can be used effectively and safely. This section will describe the essential oils, how to extract the oils, how to make pot pourri, perfume, room sprays and scented candles. You will understand how different oils can affect parts of the body bringing about a relaxed state.

Crystal healing has placed a vital role in our evolution. Every crystal has a different purpose and carries its own energy. The powers of the crystals are associated with colors. The body is designed to self-build and self-heal. This can only occur when there is an energy balance between body, mind and soul. In this section, you will discover the special powers of crystals, learn why certain crystals are worn for good luck, find how to choose the right crystals for you, discover how to heal through the crystal energy, and what each crystal means and what symptoms the crystals help. I will teach you how to protect and regenerate your crystals and where to place crystal when giving crystal healing to others.

Hands-on-healing involves placing your hands on parts of the body and removing the negative energy and relieving pain and tension. In this section, you will learn where to place you hands and how to turn into your inner-self by using you own energy field.

Absent Healing, involves visualizing a person or pet that you want to help heal. In this section I will explain how to use absent healing, the best times to send out your thoughts and how to work with you inner consciousness.

Reiki is the processes of which is very distinctive compared to other forms of alternative meditation. Reiki meditation normally concentrates on self-healing, concentration, the five spiritual principles, and the accreditation the healers through a process of initiation. Alternative Healing is here to help you, however you must never stop taking any medication.