The Understanding of Angel Cards

Angel Cards are easy to use and safe. They are the perfect way to connect with your celestial friends. Angel readings provide you with support through different aspect of your life.


The word angel is derives from the Greek word Angelos meaning messenger. Angel cards are there to help, guide and give you massages that support you throughout every aspect of your life. Your angels will help you in many ways, and often you do not realize they are doing so. It is not until you begin to take note and actively call upon your angels that you are able to truly appreciate how much they really guide you and care for you. Angels are dynamic beings who are here to help you; all you have to do to receive their assistance is ask sincerely.

As much as you might wish this earth plane to be different, it is not a thought manifesting place. It is a thought action manifesting place.

So what does this mean? Well you might think your paycheck into your bank! However, in reality it has to be physically paid in. In other words, you have to do something to get something. It is a similar principle when working with your angels. If you just sit there and ask your angels for help, and do not do anything for yourself, you probably will not get a whole lot out of the experience.

To gain the most benefit from your angel’s assistance, you have to be willing to take some action, when guided to do so.

This does not have to be some big dramatic event. A small gesture to show sincerity and willingness on your part is enough. It shows your intent is to make a change. As my guardian angel explained to me, “it is easier to guide someone in a specific direction that’s already moving than to get you moving from a dead stop.

The angel cards give you answers to your questions. To do this you would choose a card at random; this process does not require a complex instruction manual, memorization or a spiritual teacher (psychic or clairvoyant) to start using angel cards. They are self explanatory. Below I have set out some instruction to help you get started.

First, you have to decide on what angel cards you would like to use. Your intent is everything when you are working with angel cards and is very important. All the cards require is a sincere desire for change and angelic assistance, if your intentions are clear and sincere the cards will work for you. Every pack of angel cards you choose will come with a booklet explaining the meaning for each card.

Your next step is to ask for protection from any entities as you do your reading. This is a routine precaution. Sincerely ask for help and guidance in working with your issues and releasing them to the universe, allowing yourself to be freed and empowered in the process. Call for your angel to come and help you with your issues. Agree to accept whatever help you receive, whatever answer you receive, setting aside your ego, judgments and expectations.

There are four parts to this process. Separate you cards into four groups, issues, transcendent, angels, and actions. Now shuffle each of the sets of cards. Now pick up the issue cards and set the others aside for now. There are two ways to begin. You can look through the issues cards and pick one out that you feel you would like to work with or you can randomly choose a card, without looking.

An issue card is the ultimate result, event or consequence of a preceding affair or a point in question. It can also mean to set out, discharge, or emit. Therefore, it is quite natural to call these cards the issues. Your intent is to discharge, or literally neutralize the emotional and psychic change surrounding an issue and to transcend or move beyond it. The issues you have are the ultimate result of patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that reach back into your past your childhood and possibly into other lives.

Now lay out the issue card you have choose face up. Then pick up the next set of cards, the transcendent. The word transcend means to go beyond the ordinary limits, normal experiences, or beliefs. This is where your intent comes in and you must use it with this step. Now ask for the emotions that come into your heart to help you to transcend the issues. Whenever, you let go of something, it creates a kind of vacuum. Fill this emotional and spiritual vacuum with something that you will find more useful and beneficial. Without looking, pick one of the transcendent cards. Lay it face up next to your issue card.

Now, look at your issue card. Take a moment to try and “get into” the feeling as fully as you can. (The length of time you spend on this step will vary.) When was the last time you felt this way? Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing? Etc.

Now, take a deep breath and see yourself drawing your issue fully into you. Embrace the feeling, accepting that this is how you feel right now, let go of the judgment you have about yourself. When you have finished, see the issue flowing out of your spine, and down your grounding cord, into the earth. Let the earth neutralize the “charge on the energy”. As you see the issue leave you, take another deep breath and breath in the transcendent feeling, letting it move into you, replacing the old issue, and helping move you into a new reality.

Take a moment and think about what this new feeling will feel like. Was there a time in your life you when you experienced this feeling before? If not, try to imagine or pretend what it would be like. Do this as completely as you can. You can ask questions like: Where was I when I had this feeling, where do I want to be when I feel this, Who was I with when I had this feeling, who will I be with when I have this feeling, when was it and how did it feel.

After you are finished with this exercise, you can pick an angel card. Once again do not look. This angel will help you in this process. Invite this angel into your life. Now ask for its helps in whatever way is appropriate and correct. This angel will be with you while you work with your issue.

Finally, to actualize you intent, pick an action card. Once again do not look. It is a necessary part of using these cards to be willing to take action described on the last card, as a symbol of your intent to transcend and transform your issue. They are simple acts that you can do, like giving someone a hug. As simple as they are, you will find them to be very effective.

At the end and the most important thing to do now is to thank your angel for their consideration.
You may find it helpful to write down your cards and make notes on the way you felt, and what taking the action did for you. How did you feel as you called your angel into your life?
Once you have familiarized yourself with angel cards and you feel more confident, you can stream line the process and go through it very quickly. You will be surprised how well this works. If you want, you can share your angel cards with others.

This is just the beginning so have fun and enjoy your angel cards.