How spirit animals communicate through a psychic.

Spirit animals do not communicate with a psychic in the same way human spirits do. They communicate through a psychic using telepathic transmission.


Many of us have been faced with the loss of a beloved pet through their death. Aside from the grief over the loss, many of us also want to know what happens to our pet after they pass on. A psychic can help by verifying that you’re pet is now at peace and to confirm that the right choice was made in helping your pet move out of their physical body.

Your pets are spirit animals, just as all life is spirit. When your pets pass away, through death, they will endeavor to link with you and, if the opportunity lends itself, to communicate.

Over the years, I have had many animals communicate with me through my psychic readings in order to let their loved ones know they are OK.

They have given evidence of their survival by showing themselves, as they were while on earth, and conveying many of their character traits. And believe me: for some, communication from a pet can be just as moving as communication from a loved one.

Animals do not communicate in exactly the same way human spirits do. They appear through clairvoyance just as humans do, but their communication tends to be more thought-form oriented. If you consider this, it makes perfect sense. Spirit animals have not developed speech, yet they do communicate with you, through telepathic transmission of thought forms and desires.

When my cats want a treat, they sit by the cupboard and stare at me intently. You can see they are focusing their thoughts and thinking so very strongly what they desire to communicate to me. At times, you can almost see the thoughts jumping from their head to my mind. And, if after a while, I just do not get the thought, they come up to me and sit by me; this is their way of verbalizing those thoughts.

When Spirit animals communicate with me, their message comes forward in much the same way. As a psychic I just know what the spirit animal wishes to communicate to his or her loved one. Other than that, psychic communication from animals is very much as it is in humans.


Animals and Humans

How often have you heard someone say: I just know my pet is going to come back as a human next time? Does this really happen? Again, the answer is YES and NO. Certainly, a spirit animal will eventually become so human-like that he or she will take the next logical step in progression: reincarnate into a human bodily form. But, this does not happen as frequently as many would have you think.

Ancient Wisdom teaches you that this step in consciousness takes place at great spiritual turning points, where you all make some remarkable transition or "step up" in your spirituality. At times such as these, many spirit animals, which are ready and willing to take the next logical step in their progress, will incarnate as humans. But they tend to do so as a group.

The next question which some might ask is this: are these "new" human spirits of a lower order than other people. Not necessarily. What brings a spirit animal to the point of being able to take that great step in his or her spiritual evolution is the fact that he or she has become driven less by animal instinct and more by human kindness, love, and response.

Therefore, you must not assume that when such spirits do incarnate into human form, they will be savage. To do so would be very judgmental on your part.

Finally, can a human spirit reincarnate back into an animal body? The answer is no. Some cultures teach that this does happen, primarily for purposes of punishment. This is called "transmigration of the soul" and is totally counter to all aspects of the Spirit. Spiritual evolution is ever onward and upward. Certainly, some may sidestep things, but to consider that a human goes back into an animal body is totally false.

Your beloved pets come into your lives and give you such joy and companionship. They are spirit and deserve to be loved and respected as such. They look to you for spiritual guidance and nourishment. In many ways, their love is totally unconditional.