Working with the Astral Body

Your astral body is essentially an invisible double of you physical body. It allows you to freely travel around anywhere.


When a person dies and you see the soul leaving the body, this soul is actually the astral body. The astral body is the body you generally live your life in once the physical body dies.

The astral world is a heaven of visibility where you can see touch and feel like you could before death. This would account for why sometimes you do not realize that you have left the physical world and moved into the astral plane.

When your body goes to the astral plane, it does not have any need for the trappings of your physical existence. On the astral plane, there is no need for food, clothing, money or work. You have true freedom. It is your astral body that sustains and heals you and your will creates the realm in your image.

The astral plane vibrates at a higher frequency to the earth plane, there is no gravity or time, and space is distorted. Time can pass differently to physical time. The astral plane is a place of vision and light. Here you have the ability to see the reflections of beings and worlds, some which include spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, peaceful gardeners, and temples of light.

This is very much like seeing the same things with your physical eyes. However, it is more beautiful than you could imagine and the experience cannot be put into words.

Your astral body and the astral plane have been used for remote viewing for years. When someone see an aura or is clairvoyant, they are actually using their astral sensing. Some call this developed intuition. Once you learn about how we are astral beings as well as physical beings, you will discover that you are able to travel within consciousness rather than thought.

When you sleep at night, the activities of consciousness are removed from the brain and become centered in the astral body. However, you are not aware of this activity, when you are awake. During sleep there is a constant process occurring, which can be described as a form of teaching. Many important developments in your growth begin on the astral plane and only filter back into your working consciousness as dreams, words, pictures or thoughts which are not written down or recorded and become lost in daily life.

In your physical body, you have 220 degrees of vision. You can only see in front of you, but not behind, above and below. In the astral body, you have 360 degrees of vision and you can see all sides at once. In the astral body, you do not have physical organs. You are a non-physical point of consciousness floating in space. You are also unaffected by the laws of physics. In this state, there are no ups or downs, no back or fronts and no left or rights.

It is important to remember, that the astral body is spiritual in nature, which means that although it is referred to as a body it does not have physical aspects. It is composed of astral material and is an exact duplication in terms of energy of the physical body that it represents. The body of energy is attached to your flesh body usually at the navel through a silver cord.

When the astral body travels to the astral plane, it is your stepping stone to other planes of existence and consciousness. It is the stepping stone you can use now and after death to explore unseen worlds of majesty and beauty that lies within each and every soul. It is your stairway to seeing illusion and moving beyond it. It is in essence the intermediary needs to ascend the planes of form and enter into the mysteries of formlessness.

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