The Astral Plane

Did you know the astral plane is inhabited by different types of spirits? Everything that happens on the earth has an impact within the astral plane.


The astral plane is linked closely to the Earth plane. In fact, within the astral plane there exists an exact replica of the Earth plane, with houses, cities, mountains and people. It is not really a replica, but a counterpart of the Earth plane. Everything on this earth, you included, have an astral counterpart. Remember, you are Spirit in body. Your true home and your roots are in spirit not on earth. You visit the earth from time to time in order to experience it and its lessons. Therefore, even while on the earth plane you are spirit, with your connection to the spirit world. This astral counterpart represents the link, so to speak, between the spirit world and us.

Everything that happens on the earth individually and collectively has an impact within the astral plane. Therefore, the astral plane is inhabited by two types of spirits, those who have passed from the earth plane and are still within the astral plane and you or your astral counterparts. Without going into complicated discussions, you live within and experience multiple levels of life and consciousness even while on the earth plane. It so happens that right now your focus of attention and concentration is on the earth plane. However, that does not deny the fact that you are rooted in the spirit world.

If you were not living on multiple levels of spirit simultaneously, then you could not experience such things as mediumship, extended sensory perception, out of body experiences or even dreams. It is because you are living life AS SPIRIT ON EARTH that you are able to shift from one level of awareness to another, back and forth; sometimes spontaneously, other times quite intentionally.

There is a strong link and connection between the earth plane and the astral plane. It is through the astral plane that so much of the spiritual help and assistance is given. The astral plane represents the doorway between the earth plane and the higher levels of the spirit world.

The astral plane has been subject to much confusion and misinformation. The astral plane gets it name because within it there is light and a sparkling energy, very much like stars. Astral originates from the Latin “aster” meaning star. Because the astral plane is where you deal with your recent earthly difficulties, people tend to consider it a place of punishment and negativity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Within the astral plane, there is the opportunity to set right this that may have gone wrong and to become even more intimately involved with your family and friends, in a truly spiritual manner. What is even more amazing is that once you step through the astral plane and enter the next level of the spirit world, the degree of love and intimacy magnifies itself a thousand fold. Indeed, it is a place of work, but of far greater significance. The astral plane is a place of healing, love and compassion.

Because the astral plane is closely linked to the earth plane and its inhabitants, many proclaim that countless spirits are lost or earthbound. This is NONSENSE! The idea of lost souls and earthbound spirits makes great movies; it sells many books and unfortunately gives many unscrupulous psychics and mediums lots of work.

Very few spirits become stuck between here and there. Some certainly do have difficulty in making their earthly transition, but there are always loved ones and special spirit friends who endeavor to help in that transition. If for some reason a spirit is just not ready or willing to make the transition complete he or she will fall into a sleep state and remain quiet, until the time comes for a reawakening into the spirit world. Furthermore, that reawakening is aided through love and healing by those special spirit helpers. Such spirits do not go around haunting the earthy plane, nor do they sit around just waiting to possess a weak earthling, nor do they hang around graveyards.

The astral plane is where you go upon departing the earthly life, through physical death. Everyone goes there and spends a certain amount of time within this area of the spirit world. It is within the astral plane that you deal with those areas of healing, transformation and forgiveness. It is here where you gather with your loved ones. There are special spirit emissaries or angels that help you in this process of assessment. Because the astral plane is where you deal with some of the more negative elements of your self, some may refer to it as a place of evil and negativity. This could not be further from the truth. It is a world of confrontation, assessment, evaluation and looking at oneself face to face. Indeed, for some these processes may be difficult; however, the result is summed up in two words, Healing and Transformation.

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