How to Astral Travel

Have you ever wanted to have an out-of-body experience? Some people wilfully discover Astral Travel, by reading about it, but many people have experienced OBE.


Astral travel is a simple as going to bed. Every night you go to bed, you astral body and your consciousness exits and abandons your physical body and wanders in what you call at dream state. When you astral travel you can visit any building, any place, see through doors or walls there are no obstacles placed in your way.

However, if you think you could use it to see things that you can use to hurt others you need to think again. You can only astral travel if you have pure intentions, this is the universal law.

One question I expect you are asking yourself! Is how do you know you are astral traveling or just dreaming! Simple remember your silver cord becomes visible. The silver cord is attached to your physical and astral body.

Colors are vibrant, and you will see clearly even in the darkest of rooms, as if there is sunlight entering the room. In fact, when you are in the astral world you will see more colors that you can perceive within the physical and finally you can see your own physical body.

The important thing to remember is that nothing can harm you whilst you are within the astral plane. Your only worry when doing this is fear itself. Fear is actually a lack of understanding as you do not fear that which you understand. Traveling through the astral world is as natural as breathing.

To astral travel will depend on you. The majority of untrained fall asleep during the process which can be annoying, as you should leave your body before it goes to sleep so that you can remember your travels. You need to be open minded and you have to believe you can do it or it is pointless trying to go any further. If you can visualize and you believe you, can you will succeed and receive great rewards from it. Below is a guide for you to give it a go.

What you need to do is literally nothing. You simply lie down in bed preferably alone. Just as if you are going to sleep. If conditions allow have your head aligned towards the north. Now make sure you are flat on your back, with your arms at your side and legs stretched out, heels almost touching and your feet relaxed in the shape of a fan. Wait for your physical body to fall asleep by itself, however, you need to remain alert and watch, sooner or later, whether it is half an hour or longer, your body will fall asleep.

This body is not the real you, your mind is not the real you and your brain is not the real you. You are not the body, the body is now a vehicle for the real you. In other words, you are putting the physical body to sleep, while retaining full consciousness. You should now be in a state of self-awareness, self-remembering, and self-observation, waiting and watching for your body to fall asleep, you will soon reach a state where you are fully conscious and fully aware.

You will know when you have reached that state because you will hear a sound, that is very sharp and sounds like too objects being hit together. It is in part due to the movement of the atoms within the body and the brain. These different energy centers produce this note it is similar to the sound a grasshopper produces.

As you lie still the sound increases in volume and intensity. You hear it so loudly inside your head and possibly in your entire body. You may feel that you body is shaking or that the bed is shaking. However, all that is happening is that the atoms of the astral body and physically body are accelerated in motion to allow the separation of the astral body from the physically body. This is something you go through every night; expect when you fall asleep you have gone through it so fast it goes unnoticed.

Once the sound has increased in volume and intensity, you get up from the bed, slowly stand up, and jump with the firm intention of floating. You need to actually get up and not imagine it. However, remember it is you astral body getting up and not your physically body. You will feel that you are actually getting up with you physical body, but you are not. When you jump, you will float. Do not worry about the physically body.

Nature will take care of separating the astral body from the physically body. You will be able to see and hear even if the room is dark. You can move around, go through the ceiling or the door. Visit a friend or fly slowly wherever you what to. If you succeed, what you see is verifiable. Do not give up after the first attempt, the more you practice the easy it becomes.