An Understanding of the Astral World

The astral world or astral plane is also known as one of the seven heavens, the plane of existence which all tangible life exists.


The astral worlds are in effect the fifth dimension with the length, width and height of the physical world being the three dimensions and time being the fourth dimension.

The astral worlds are therefore fundamentally the creation of everything that exists and has ever existed, and forever will in the physical world of matter in accordance with the principle “as above so below” Everything that exits in the material world starts in the astral planes. The astral planes are reflected in everything that occurs now and will occur in the future.

Astral planes are made of energy and vibrations that create light, sound, color and rhythm. The astral planes are therefore an emanation of the eternal without a beginning or an end therefore timeless, spaceless and infinite. Spiritualists usually consider the astral world to be the fourth dimension the beyond or sometimes the afterlife.

Astral planes are home to a wide variety of inhabitants in addition to humans. There are many beings and intelligence's that have never incarnated on earth, and there task is to assist in the evolution of humankind on earth.

When someone dies, often others around the person will say they could see the soul leaving the body, the truth is they are actually seeing the astral body leaving the earth body. The astral body is the body you generally live your life in once your physical body dies.

The astral planes are a heaven of visibility where you can touch and feel like you would before your death. This can account for why some beings do not realize they have left their physical body and moved on to the astral world.

Within the astral plane, there are many dimensions of life and thought. The lower plane or the energy between you and the heavenly world is filled with negative thought, which some like to call hell. This dimension of energy is created by negative thoughts and humans cause this process. It is like a storage jar that is full of negative energies and you are continually subject to them.

There is nothing in heaven or earth that is evil, it is only your perception that makes circumstance, and events seem that way. When you understand your perception of a situation, you have the ability to move beyond the lower plane and heal your thoughts and feelings. This allows you to ascend this dimension and move into the heavenly worlds of beauty, love and knowledge.

On the higher planes you have the ability to see the reflections of heavenly beings these include spirit, guides, angels, peaceful gardens and temples of light. This reflection is like seeing with your physical eyes, yet it is much more beautiful than you can imagine and the experience is not easily put into words.

Astral energy is invisible to the naked eye; however, it is nonetheless the life force energy of the physical plane. The astral world is the go between for the physical and ethereal planes of existence and consciousness. Within the astral experience, you cannot see other beings from other planes of existence; however, you do travel within through your consciousness.

The astral body and astral world has been used for remote viewing for centuries, when you see an aura or if you are clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient you are actually using your astral senses to experience it. This is known as developing your intuition.

The astral worlds are stepping-stones to other planes of existence and consciousness. It is the stepping-stone you can use now and after death to explore unseen worlds of majesty and beauty that lies within every soul. The astral world is your stairway to moving beyond, it is in essence the intermediary needed to ascend the planes of form so you can enter into the mysteries of formlessness.