Understanding Chakras and Auras

Learn the difference between chakras and auras. Understand how the energy flows from your head to your toe.


Understanding your Chakras

The chakras show a pathway of energy, which flows from head to toe. This has energy, which comes from the highest plane of consciousness, which acts in different ways.

As long as your chakras are working properly, you will have energy flowing through your body freely, helping to balance your mind and spirit, giving you complete harmony.

The center of the chakra is an important part of the psychic picture especially when viewing your aura. The chakras radiate energy through colors, starting from the top of the head. The overall sense of well-being depends on the amount of energy going through your chakra. If one of these centers becomes blocked you may not feel entirely at ease with yourself so it is important to keep this energy moving freely.

Your chakra system is like a ladder that you can climb up or step down. If you are stuck on a high rung of the ladder, you are unable to see down. On the other hand, if you are low you will be unable to see above. You have no knowledge of the ladder being there and the opportunities it can give you.

Some steps on the ladder might be a bit wobbly so this makes it scary for you to climb. One side might be stronger so avoid the weak side and step confidently only to the left or right side. As you take each step, the experience will be different. Viewing from the right step can bring clarity to life challenges and decisions become clear.

What all this means is by stepping on the right step you will see through life’s difficulties. Now let us look at the colors and the meanings of the chakras.

Chakras were named and highly developed in India; knowledge of their energetic force appears to reach back to the beginning of humanity. The chakras are known in many diverse cultures. The word chakra means “wheel” and refers to cone-shaped vortices's, which spin and vibrate within the energy of the body. The body is made up of many chakras in total you have seven major and twenty-one minor.

The Chakras hold the key to spiritual awakening, psychological well-being and physical health. Each of the seven major chakras governs a different stage of psychological and spiritual development, creating various levels of consciousness.

For example, if I speak to you about lovemaking, you will understand and you know how it feels, so there is no need to get you to experience it. If I was a teacher in martial arts, and I told you everything I knew, would you then be able to teach? You would, but only with practice. Can I really explain the taste of honey to you? No, you must taste it yourself.

The same applies to the chakras, to feel, know and truly embody the experiences of the chakras you have to enter into the spirit of yourself.


So is the aura real or imagined?

I believe that what we call the aura is within and around us. Due to the vastness of your personal realities, you need ways of organizing both within and outside for yourself. The chakras and the aura provide this organizing principle. You are organized via the chakras and the aura, when you start to understand how they work you will see how you become organized.

Chakras are the center of all life. Through the chakras, your individual soul is connected to the universe. Opening to spirit is to tune to the ever-present subtle energies that affect the soul’s voyage. To develop your body’s awareness and knowledge, you need to understand the first three chakras, these help you to embrace the soul’s birth, allowing your physical body to live harmoniously with the earth. This is the contractive journey of embodiment. The expansive journey to enlightenment is achieved through rebirth into a light body (the higher chakras and auras) and through honoring spirit on all subtle levels of your being.

Heightened spiritual awareness can lead to earthly abundance and the fulfillment of your highest aspirations. It is a misunderstanding to see these two as mutually exclusive.

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