Babbling Brook Meditation

The Babbling Brook Meditation. The beautiful babbling brook meditation for health and well being brings people, plants and nature together.


You are going to commence on a gentle breathing exercise, I want you to imagine that in front of you is a blackboard, similar to the one you would see in school.

As you relax into the mediation day-to-day thoughts will start to enter your mind. As they do I want you to just acknowledge them without giving them time to expand, and then as the thoughts fade take your vision to the blackboard and mentally see yourself cleaning it so that it is empty of any words, images or symbols.

In your mind’s eye, you can see a meadow covered in soft green grass. Dotted throughout the soft green grass are flowers of all colors, see yourself walking through the meadow and notice how your feet embrace the coolness of the grass, feel how soft and delicate it is on your feet.

The sky is clear and blue and the rays from the sun gently caress your body filling it with warn waves of energy allowing you to be totally relaxed. Stay in the meadow and see how many sounds you can hear.
Breathe gently and easily. You can see tall majestic trees reaching to the sky so they can get the warmth from the sun’s rays. The leaves sway to and fro in the gentle welcome breeze.

As you get near to the trees you come across a crystal clear babbling brook. Start to walk alongside the brook.

As you do so, you can hear all the sounds of nature. You can hear farm animals talking to each other, and you can hear a horse walking past pulling its cart in the distance.

The sun rays shine through the branches of the trees directing and guiding you to move further downstream. As you carry on walking, you come across a waterfall the water is cascading and caressing the smooth rocks surrounding the waterfall.

A fine mist rises as the waterfall fill’s the babbling brook with crystal clear water. As you move closer to the waterfall, you can see a pathway under the waterfall. This water looks cleansing and refreshing. Now move along the path and under the waterfall.

You are now under the waterfall and you can feel it pouring gently over your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. The crystal clear warm water cleanses your body and helps take away your fears. Stay under the waterfall for a few minutes and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Now walk back out of the waterfall and start to walk back along the babbling brook until you find yourself back in the meadow that you start in.

When you are ready, feel your body coming back to the here and now. Start to move your legs and hands, now open your eyes and you will find yourself back where you started.