Basic Chakras Healing

Basic chakra healing starts with you being relaxed and comfortable. They are associated with liveliness and the quality of your physical health.


Basic chakra healing starts with you being relaxed and comfortable and feeling energy flowing through you. Basic chakra healing is associated with liveliness and the quality of your physical health, vitality, strength, sexuality, appetite, desire, the instinct to survive, courage, spontaneity, leadership and spirit.

There are seven main chakras and these are, the base of the spine, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and the crown.

Each of the major chakras is associated with glands and nerves and each one governs areas of your physical body. By influencing the endocrine system and its hormones, the chakras affects the functioning and structure of the tissues in your body this includes the organs.

The chakras are also associated with various aspects of experience on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The Chakras are also known as Sanskrit meaning wheels of light.

Every chakra is unique as it receives and transmits a particular energy, which is necessary for the chakras healing energy to function.

The three lower chakras are describes as being related to the functioning of the physical body here on the earth plane. These are control by the energies of the planetary physical plane.

The chakras above the diaphragm are control by energies called the cosmic plane. The upper three chakras are involved with the processing of the spiritual energies. The heart lying in the middle is the connector or transformer that bridge above and below or if you prefer heaven and earth.

As you progress spiritually, the upper chakra opens producing the expansion and development of the spiritual layers of the aura. The energies of upper and lower chakras are working together to transform each other. The chakra centers are actually in a state of evolution. The appearance and structure of the chakras vary from person to person.

Basic chakra healing promotes improvement of many disease states, frees you from limiting thoughts and behaviors, assists you in discovering your life purpose, opens you to joy and abundance, allows you to be at one with your inner knowing and puts you in harmony with those around you.

It is my belief and I hope you may agree with me that basic chakra healing helps your life’s energy and this is not only needed, but also vital to making a difference and enables you to turn a corner from a path of self-destruction.

Your essence is a wondrous thing with the capacity to rejuvenate and regenerate itself, your awareness, you thought and your emotions limit this. Basic chakra healing is simply and can change you and your life.

Now go deep in your mind and visualize what it would be like if you could tap into those frequencies and be able to affect most things in your life. Allow this to sink in for a moment, anyone can do this, and yes, that includes you, by learning to administer and manger these energies.

As your brain responds to this information, you will realize that the amount of basic chakra healing energy that is available to you is restricted only by your capacity to give love and respect, everyday to yourself and to others.