How to Remove Blocked Energy

This blocked energy healing technique shows how effective use of this healing technique potentially hinges on an unwavering trust in you and spirit.


Energy healing is limited only by the imagination. It is activated through your focused intention and manifests in one of the many dimensions in your mind. The following techniques employ the more subtle energies. Effective use of this energy healing techniques potential hinges on an unwavering trust in you and in spirit. To practice these techniques you may need to ask someone for help.


Reaching in and Pulling out Blocked Energy

This technique alleviates pain, illness and trauma. It requires the use of a physical hand or its etheric double to remove blocked energy. To envisage your hands etheric double image a glove shaped energy field surrounding your real hand allowing it to enter any area of the body you wish to reach. When removing objects that extend outwards from the body use your physical hand. To remove those lodged within the body use your etheric hand. In either case the energy trapped in the body will give way as you reach in and pull it out. Energy healing can unblock all this negative energy.

Begin by asking the person there permission to eliminate the blockage. Invite them to imagine the process with you, and whenever possible follow the person guidance. With each movement you make to release the blocked energy ask the person what they are feeling. After the object is removed, cleanse the aura.


Aura Cleansing

The aura is a subtle energy field that surrounds all matter, including people, animals, trees, plants, rocks and water. Although invisible to most people it is as real as the physical body. The body’s aura is much like the atmosphere of the earth, growing progressively thinner the further out it goes. It is alive, sensitive and easily affected by the slightest shifts in attitude, mode of thinking, feelings and eating habits. A person who is positive and healthy will have a strong bright vibrant energy field that expands outwards from the body. In a person that is negative or sick the aura will be weak and have a dull energy field contracting inwards towards the body.

Many people who can see the aura will describe it as egg shaped, colorful and has a glow at each chakra. The colors of the aura change constantly in response to alterations in thoughts, feelings and actions.

Illness can be detected in the aura field years before it manifests in the physical body. The reason is that at the onset of trauma or an influx of negativity the aura field is the first area to be affected. For energy healing to be effective it needs to extend to the subtle energy field.

Cleansing the aura is much like brushing down a large animal such as a horse. First, be sure to ground yourself and focus your mind on the results you hope to achieve. Then imagine that attached to the palms of your hands are large brushes capable of clearing the aura of negativity.

If you want to conduct general aura cleansing, you need to find a person to practice on, hold your hands close together palms outwards and facing the person that is helping you, move your hands from the head to the feet, keeping them about 6ins (15cm) away from the body. After sweeping the brushes down the body and over the tops of the feet, allow the feet to touch the floor to ground out any negative energy. Moving clockwise repeat this movement down the right side of the body, proceed until you have completed all four sides of the body.


Sealing the Aura

After a healing session, be sure to protect the aura from negativity by sealing it. Once again begin with focused intention. Then imagine that your hands have special aura-sealing abilities, or are able to emit a protective sleeve, sweep your hands slowly from the head of the person to the feet, without touching the body. Move clockwise as before until you have sealed all four sides of the aura field. This protection will last for at least a few hours.