Book of life Meditation

This book of life meditation will help you gain insight into the origins and purpose of your past life.


Settle back in your chair or on the floor, flex, and wriggle your muscles until you feel comfortable. Take a long breath in through your nose now exhale deeply out through your mouth. Exhale every single bit of your breath. Take another deep breath inhale and exhale. Breathe easy now as you are going to relax your whole body.

Let your body sink deep into the chair or floor, as you start to relax, you can feel your arms feeling light, and your hands feel limp from your wrists. Your whole body is sinking deeper into the chair or floor. Your thighs are light, your knees are relaxed and your legs feel like they are so light the feeling goes right down to your feet. Try to flex your toes.

Your body is now completely relaxed. Breathe easy; your breath will take care of itself.

You find yourself in a magnificent city with wonderful architecture. It is warm and sunny and you feel very happy. You see in front of you a beautiful building built of marble. It is a library, but no ordinary library. This library keeps the books of everybody’s life. The book of your life is here, it keeps a record of all you have achieved. It also includes what you still have to do.

You can enter the library and you find the librarian, who is sitting in a large reception area. The librarian is a wise person. You go up to the librarian and ask if you can see the book of life.

The librarian asks you to follow and takes you along a corridor with many beautiful doors on each side. You seem to know which door is yours before the librarian stops in front of it. You go in and find yourself in a room with many bookshelves lining the wall.

There is a large, beautifully carved wooden table in the middle of the room. There are comfortable chairs that you can sit on by the table. On the table is a large book, handcrafted with fine binding and decorations on the front and the spine of the book.

The book of life is covered with leather and the writing is gold and silver. There are gemstones and jewels making patterns on the front. It is altogether a most magnificent book.

The librarian turns and leaves you with the book and you sit at the table to open it. As you lift your hand, the book automatically opens at the page that is where you are in your life right now. That is the only part you are allowed to see.

Look at the page and decipher what is the next action you need to take in your life. If you are bored, frustrated, tired with what you do, see writing appear that tells you the next action you need to take to move on and make progress.

Now close the book of life, but know that you can return whenever you need to. You get up and you leave the room, return to the entrance, and leave the library. As you go, thank the librarian.

When you are ready open your eyes.

Once you are out of your meditation you need to write down what you remembered in the meditation and what you need to do. You need to do something positive.