How to bring forward your Spirit guides

This meditation will show you how to bring forward your guides. Feel the warmth and energy fill your whole body and ask your spirit guides questions.


Concentrate on your breathing; breathe deeply and slowly, in through your noise and out of your mouth. See good energy going in with each breath, and bad energy leaving as you breathe out. Continue breathing in this way for about a minute, and then relax into a steady breathing pattern. Clear your mind as best you can and allow the scene to unfold in your mind’s eye.

See yourself in a beautiful wide open place that you have been in your life, a place that evokes happy memories and a feeling of calm, happiness and contentment. See yourself as truly being there, surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds. The sun is warm on your face, you turn your face up towards the sun and you close your eyes basking in the glow.

Focus on a point of the landscape far into the distance. This may be a tree, hedge, hill or stream, whatever fits in with the scenery. Really see its detail. Soon you will see a shape emerging far in the distance. This shape is your spirit guides. Remember, they come to you with love and peace they mean no harm.

As they come closer, they may walk or glide. On their approach you will be able to see details of their appearance, eye color, facial features, clothing and any other markings.

You can walk towards your spirit guides if you wish. You will be able to feel the love emanating from them as they come closer.

Greet your spirit guides; if you can hear their thoughts clearly in your head you are fortunate.

It is a delicate process meeting your spirit guides and establishing communication, so if you do not hear them at first, do not worry. It is not your fault or theirs!

It is a warm happy feeling, like greeting an old friend or loved one you have not seen in a long time. In the moment of recognition, you may find familiar memories come to you of the times you have spent with each other.

Do not worry if all that you see or hear is fuzzy the first time you try this meditation.

Remember your spirit guides will never cause or bring harm to you; they are there to protect and guide you. At this point they may embrace or touch you, or even introduce themselves by name. Do not be disappointed if you do not get a name first time as some spirit guides will not give a name. Some highly evolved spirits no longer find a name relevant in their realm of elevation. Ask a question or two, but be thoughtful in how you word them so there is only one possible answer. Ambiguous questions will not get good answers.

You now start to realize that as you look into the smiling eyes of your spirit guides that you can solve problems that have been bothering you for some time. You also realize that no problem is so large that you can not handle it, knowing you having the loving support of your spirit guides.

Because spirit knows everything there is to know about you and loves you regardless, and will always be there standing beside you through good times and bad. Take a little time to talk to your spirit guides, if they wish to speak. Some meetings are silent. Maybe you would like to take a few moments to thank your guides for the blessing you have received in your life.