How you bring inspiration into your life

How to get inspired? Learn how to bring inspiration into your life taking you towards achieving your goals and ambitions and changing your life for the better.


Life can be difficult. It just can be. Work pressures mount, family demands become overwhelming, health suffers, stress builds and positive thinking goes out the window. I have to admit, it happens to me and when it does, when life gets to be too much or too hard, I put up a “CLOSED for business” sign and seek out a little inspiration.

Inspiration looks good (a beautiful photograph), smells good (a bed of roses), sounds good (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons) and feels good (family photographs, your favorite movie or book).

When you bring inspiration into your life it helps get and keep your life on track it brings back the positive side of life because it returns you to your center.

When you feel inspired, it is a sign you are touching a place deep within yourself. From this place, you can create and plan a simply life that feels better. And when you feel better, everything runs a bit more smoothly, creativity increases, things get done, and you feel happier. Here are a few tips to help get that positive thinking back as well as to bring inspiration into your life.

Inspiration and positive thinking is Heart Opening. Think about the last time you read an inspiring story. Did your heart feel 10 times bigger than normal? When you bring inspiration into your life it opens your heart and when your heart is open you become more accepting of yourself and others. You feel more patient. Your general outlook improves. Connecting with your heart reduces stress.

Inspiration and positive thinking inspires greatness. Have you ever seen a beautiful painting and had the urge to stop by your nearest art supply store for a canvas and oil paints? Inspiring works of art touches within you, your innate desire to create art that is unique to you. (An outward expression of your deepest joy)

When you bring inspiration into your life and positive thinking it calms and restores nature. Fresh air and wide open spaces, sunny, hot beaches. Do you already feel more relaxed? Exactly! Mother Nature is ready and willing to share her inspired works of art with you. She is makes it highly accessible and totally free!

When you bring inspiration into your life and positive thinking energizes and refreshes. How did you feel watching your favorite sport star win! Did it make you want to do something greater with your life? Inspiration is powerful because it touches the parts of you that know, deep inside, you are made for so much more.

When you bring inspiration into your life and positive thinking it spreads Joy. Inspiration makes you feel good. Just think of the last inspiring chain-email you received and passed on with a note that said, “I never do this but I had to share this with you!” When you feel good, when the joy in you comes alive, and you share your joy with others, you impact the world in a thousand positive ways.

The next time life feels difficult, put up a “CLOSED for business sign” and bring inspiration into your life. You will love the results.