Butterfly Meditation

Use this butterfly Meditation to understand freedom of self. A meditation to place yourself in a world of color, of sound and open space.


Sit comfortable, place your arms resting easily at your sides, and close your eyes. As you take a deep breath start to visualize that the earth below you is filled with the color of your choice. This color extends 50 feet (17 Meters) below you into the earth. Now start to image that you are opening up energy centers on the bottoms of your feet. As you inhale, visualize the soft color you have chosen filing up your feet. When your feet are completely filled with the color, bring the color up through your ankles, legs, pelvis and lower back.

Each time you exhale see the color leaving through your lungs, carrying any tension and stress with it. See the tension dissolve into the air. Now the color is reaching your abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, neck and head. Exhale the color slowly out of your lungs. When you feel comfortable and relaxed you can start the meditation.

When you are ready, I would like you to leave the place you are in.

Imagine you are a caterpillar. You are crawling about on the tree where you live.

Attaching yourself to a branch of the tree, you now start to form your cocoon. Gradually you surround yourself with a golden silken thread until you are totally hidden.

Now you are inside the cocoon and you are surrounded by the softness of silk you rest in the warmth of the golden darkness. You are not fully aware so you do not know what is happening to you. You can now sense that in this apparent stillness a hidden intelligence is at work. See if you can work out what is happening to you.

At last, the cocoon breaks open, and a ray of light penetrates through a split in the cocoon. As the light touches you, it makes you feel a sudden surge of vitality and you realize that you can start to shed the cocoon that is around you.

As you feel the cocoon falling away you will start to discover that with it you have shed the defenses and supports of your safety and your past, you are now freer than you ever dreamed you could be. You are now a beautiful multicolored butterfly. You soon realize that your boundaries have widened and you can fly wherever you want.

I would like you now to place yourself in a world of color, sound and open space. You now experience what it is to fly wherever you want. The air is supporting you and the breeze is carrying you up and down, stay with these feelings of freedom you now have. As you are flying, you see a meadow below and it is full of flowers of every kind and color. You settle on one plant or flower, them on another one, you land so gently that the petals are not even disturbed. You experience each flower or plant, you notice how each has a different color, and its own perfume, each flower gives out a particular life and quality. Take your time in experiencing all these aspects, especially your freedom and how light you feel.

When you are ready, stretch your arms, wiggle your toes and become aware of your surroundings, when you are ready come back to where you started and open your eyes.