Understanding Chakra Centers

The word chakra means “wheel of light”. There are 7 chakra centres and energy centres in your body in which energy flows.


The chakras relate to the colors of the rainbow and this is the basis for the term rainbow warrior, which relates to mans relationship with the living energies of the universe. Below is a list of the seven chakras including their colors and the elements that connect them together.


The first chakra - The Root

Color – Red.
Element - Earth Energy.

The base or as it is sometimes better known the root center, relates to the life force energy and is the spirit of life. The color red gives us physical strength and vitality. It is a stimulant and has healing qualities and controls the creative, procreative and restorative functions of the body. Red is used where there is an ability to accept life’s responsibilities and if someone tends to be too dominant, dogmatic and pushy. Different reds have different influences on energy and confidence. If you feel unstable, have difficulty settling anywhere but feel a need for security it is likely that this chakra is blocked.


The second chakra - The Sacral

Color – Orange.
Element - Water Energy relating to emotions.

The sacral center relates to the spirit of health. Orange energizes the adrenals and kidneys energizing the body physically, nourishing it by absorbing nutrients from food. The sacral Chakra corresponds to the spleen from where stems your ability to experience joy. The sacral Chakra is the center of the emotional body, and orange can stimulate a loving warm contact with others. This center governs your sexuality. This energy can be channeled into creative and artistic development. It responds to the vitality of the sun and makes you feel better after lying or being in the sunshine, lifting your spirits and makes you more positive. People who are uncomfortable with their sexuality are often blocked in this chakra. It also relates to you personal power and a sense of achievement. It represents your family and tribal connection.

These first two chakras together are the base chakras and relate to your sense of contact with the planet, your tribal home in terms of responding to the energy and creative forces including growth and reproduction. They are connected to the energy of Kundalini, the fire serpent in your spine. When all the chakras are balanced, kundalini is released. It is experienced as an ecstatic rush of energy up your spine and all over your body, impossible to describe but unmistakable when experienced.


The third chakra - The Solar Plexus

Color – Yellow.
Elements - Air and Fire energy relating to the seat of power.

The solar plexus relates to the autonomic nervous system, pancreas and liver. Yellow has a stimulating effect on the nerves. It is good for co-ordination and orientation. It aids digestion and purifiers the whole system and is especially good for the skin. Yellow links to the mental and intellectual faculties and encourages warm heartedness. Yellow dispels envy, jealousy and fear. It counteracts feelings of lack of power or obsessional behavior. This is a very important energy center in relation to how you feel about yourself. Problems with indigestion and stomach upsets indicate a blockage in the ability to deal with emotions sent in your direction by others and your whole sense of identity and purpose.


The fourth chakra - The Heart

Colors - Green or Pink.
Elements - Air and Earth energy relating to unconditional love.

The heart Chakra is linked to our true soul emotions and our ability to give and receive unconditional love. Green is linked to the heart center and affects the physical heart and blood circulation. Green is found in the center of the spectrum. It is neither a cool nor a warm color and is therefore entirely neutral. Green can be used in healing to compliment any of the other colors. It harmonies its energy, restoring balance and bringing peace. When the heart Chakra is open it brings with it understanding, sympathy and co-operation with others and with nature. Green is the color of evolution and we have to learn to trust the process of life. Pink is also related to the heart, for pink symbolizes divine love. Open hearted people are generally complete and content in themselves. These people do not find it hard to accept and forgive others.


The fifth chakra - The Throat

Color – Blue.
Elements - Ether / Air and Fire energy.

Blue controls the metabolic rate of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, balancing the bodies’ equilibrium. It is cooling and soothing to the mind and affects your ability to express yourself vocally. This means it helps you to communicate your inner feelings and needs to others. Use blue power where there is difficulty in motivation and difficulty in expressing yourself and also if you are involved in things which have little to do with everyday life. You may also find that if you suffer from sore throats you will often have difficulty in expressing yourself.


The middle chakras

These three chakras - The middle chakras (third, fourth and fifth) correspond to your conscious and self awareness. It is important to use your skills and knowledge of these forces in order to improve your day-to-day experiences, especially those related to others. By opening your chakras you can improve your ability to communicate honestly and openly, to share positive emotions, giving love to others and accepting their love. Closing these chakras when faced with unpleasant situations means you are less adversely affected by hostile influences.


The sixth Chakra - Third Eye

Color – Indigo.
Element - Ether.

Indigo energy affects the pituitary gland that governs the hormones of the other endocrine glands. It is the conductor of the orchestra. Indigo is a great purifier and calms and soothes the mind. It influences the organs of sight, smell and hearing. The third eye links you to your higher self, can broaden the mind, and free your inhibitions. It also cleanses psychic currents, obsessions and phobias. Indigo is therefore a very powerful color vibration. This chakra is linked to psychic awareness and the deeper levels of understanding that come from within your unconscious mind. It is the source of your deep and instinctive thoughts. It responds well to deep dark blue colors. Blockages in this area usually take the form of difficult thinking and perceiving the options for the future, and a lack of general forethought and intuition. These are skills that you use through much of your life since you rarely know what is going to happen. Migraine is a common indication of blockages in the brow chakra and your denial of psychic abilities.


The seventh chakra - Crown Chakra

Color – Violet.
Element - Ether.

The crown Chakra links to the function of the brain and the pineal glands. Violet ray energy stimulates the hormone melatonin and also produces hormones that control other biological functions. We know that a deficiency of melatonin can result in the illness know as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, which results from the lack of natural sunlight. The crown Chakra is associated with the sympathetic nervous system, an imbalance of energy in this area leads to headaches, migraine and other problems related to the head and scalp. Violet energy soothes the nervous and mental disorders and is useful in the treatment of tumors and concussion. The crown is also connecting us to the spiritual world (this does not mean the realm of the dead but rather the greater part of our environment which vibrates at too high frequency to be detected by our five senses or by our present level of technology). This Chakra can protect you from negative forces from other dimensions. This chakra is predominantly violet but incorporates many other colors in a rainbow prismatic affect. It is the channel for receiving energy and intuition; it can also through development become a radiating center Images of the Buddha showing his head covered with curls which peak up over his fontanel, are a representation of his crown chakra and depicts how it is reaching up into the highest realms of spiritual awareness, up into the heavens or universe. It represents the energy that continuously rises up through humans from the earth and into the universe beyond.

These last two chakras are the two highest chakras and relate to your higher spiritual experiences as humans.


There is one other chakra which is not spoken about or used much and that is The Thymus.

Color – Turquoise.
Element - Water Energy.

This Chakra is not universally accepted. Some people believe that there is a chakra that exists between the heart and throat. This area is a very powerful energy channel that links you to the earth and the heavens. Uniting with this chakra brings about great awareness to your emotional and spiritual planes. The thymus gland helps produce anti-bodies that protect our immune system. Turquoise energy encourages well-adjustment and the capability of interacting with people socially. It brings freshness of ideas, helping change negative thinking and purity of thought.