How to change your life for the better

Change is inevitable and everyone will be faced with life changing decisions at some time in life. Change your life for the better and choose the right path for you.


When you change your thoughts, you change your life. The fastest way to achieve peace and harmony is to change your thinking. In order to change your outer world you must first change your inner world. Your thoughts dictate your behavior, and when you change your thought patterns, you will be changing your behavioral patterns as well. Altering your behavior will change your life. Below are five simple ways to achieve peace and harmony.


Observe your Internal Chatter

We are all allowed freedom of thought and freedom of action, however, if you find your thoughts, are negative or limiting, stop and replace those thoughts with positive ones. Your internal chatter is a good forecast to the direction your life is heading. Meditation is a good way to clear that negative chatter, and assist you in changing your thought process and helps change your life.


Say what you mean and mean what you say

Healthy communication is a key element in keeping peace and harmony in your life. Good communication eliminates being misunderstood, and prevents stressful situations. Saying what you mean, not only gives you a sense of peace; you also earn respect from others when they know you are true to your word.


Focus on the Positive Not the Negative

Turn negative situations into positive ones. Everything happens for a purpose and a reason. Instead of complaining, and feeling wounded after a negative situation, stop and think about how you can change it into a positive one. Remember, you attract what you dwell on, positive attracts positive, and negativity attracts negativity. If your thoughts are negative and victimizing, you will attract exactly that into your life.


Practice Guided Visualization

This technique involves sitting comfortably, and listening to a tape or an instructor who guides you through a relaxing scenario. The setting is calm, tranquil, and peaceful allowing your mind and body to connect. You can create what you visualize, and with the aid of your subconscious mind, the possibilities are limitless especially if you want to change your life.


Get Organized

Organizing your surroundings and managing your time wisely helps you clear your head for making life changes. Your choices are dependent upon your thoughts. How can you make a wise decision if your thoughts are cluttered and unorganized? Start organizing your life now, and see how fast you can change your life.

Remember, thoughts are powerful, and everything ever created starts with a thought. You are creating your tomorrow with the thoughts you have today. Taking control of your thoughts will give you a sense of stability, and with that, stability brings peace and harmony.


Dealing with disappointment

Dealing with disappointment is an unpleasant fact. Whether it is that job promotion you did not get or that person that did not come through for you. Every single one of us faces challenges at various times that can affect our success and happiness. How you deal with these disappointments is what will determine whether you are in control of your life or simply a victim.

Therefore, the next time you face disappointment, pay attention to how you react. Do you get mad, do you blame yourself or put yourself down?

These kinds of reactions will only make the situation worse for you. You are starting to feel sorry for yourself and you have no way to move forward. Instead of feeling like this take a step back from the ordinal issues and remind yourself of what you really want.

For example, if you did not get the promotion you applied for, ask yourself, did you want the promotion for the new challenges, the increase in pay or just to get you away from your current co-workers? Once you know the answer, you can then ask, “What the solutions to the issues are?” and want you need to do to change your life.

If you really want new challenges, to change your life, than start looking for another job somewhere else. By not getting the promotion, will not seem so bad. It might not have provided the challenges you really want anyway, and there are many other ways to get the challenges you crave.

You may also learn that perhaps you did not get the promotion because you did not have all the necessary qualifications. A possible solution might be to take a course or ask for more training in this area. By doing this, you instantly have a direction in which to go. You can move forwards with your life instead of remaining stuck.

The one other thing to ask yourself is did you apply for the job simply because it was available? It is so easy to be caught up in reacting to events when they appear. It is important to be able to judge opportunities as to whether they will lead you in the direction you really want to go or if they are interesting but ultimately a distraction.

Disappointment is not meant to hurt your self confidence or keep you from moving forward. Disappointment is meant to help you with your self-improvement and self growth and to remind you of your priorities. Sometimes, it can even stop you from going down the wrong path because you take the time to remind yourself of where your priorities really lie.

The initial disappointment may actually turn out to be a gift that saves you from much greater grief when you realize it would not have been a good thing. Alternatively, you end up getting something much better.

I can remember not getting a house I fell in love with and how disappointed I was. However, a few months later I discovered that buying that house would have been a huge financial disaster. Looking back, I am so glad I did not get that house. It was worth going through the initial disappointment in order to get something that was much better later. I am sure you can think of many examples in your life when an initial disappointment has turned out to be a good thing. So think about how you can change your life

The real key is to pay attention to your reaction. What are you concentrating on, the disappointment, or you are figuring out a solution to the problem? This may seem like a simple thing, however, by doing this you will see a huge difference in your confidence levels. You will have an increased sense of satisfaction within your life. The real beauty of this is, it is entirely your choice as to what you choose to focus on, however, I will say this, it helped change my life. So what have you got to loose? Empower Your Life With Intention Start now! By changing your thoughts, will change your life.