Choosing your Healing Crystals

Perhaps the most important aspect of choosing healing crystals is the method you use. These techniques will show you how to connect with your crystals.


It is important to remember that healing crystals cannot take the place of professional medical advice.

Very few of us are free from illness. Our lives are stressful and we do not take the time to listen to our bodies or to eat properly. We are bombarded by pollutants of all descriptions. Illness is a lack of harmony and balance in the body and when these are not present in the body you can find the root causes of illness. Not only does the body need healing, so does the soul. By avoiding the healing process we are cutting ourselves off from our true essence.

Choosing healing crystals can help to redress the balance. Even if you enjoy good physical health you can benefit from your own special healing crystal. By choosing healing crystals you can help to truly energize your body. Your healing crystals will help when you feel below par, such as when you think you are catching a cold, however, it can also be of use when you feel run down and battered by life, or when you have simply had a hard and depleting day or had to deal with people who drain you. Your healing crystals will help you recover from the day.

Before choosing healing crystals it is important to relax and to reflect on your physical mental and spiritual health. All crystals have healing qualities. However, the following ones have been chosen because of their range of attributes. To follow the methods below you will need the following crystals. Apache Tear, Amber, Red Sardonyx, Chrysoprase, Blue Calcite, Turquoise, Black Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Smoky Quartz, Malachite, Purple Fluorite and Moonstone. You will also need a green and blue candle and a piece of cloth in the same colors and lavender oil.


Method One - Meditation

This method is based on the feeling of optimum health. If you do not have a specific complaint or simply prefer to concentrate on feeling fantastic this is the method for you.

Lay out all the crystals before you, on a cloth of green or blue. Burn a candle of the same color. Now relax and place a little lavender oil on your temples or you can burn some in a burner if you prefer.

Hold your hands in your lap next to each other, gently cupped. Turn your attention to your body and relax deeply. Now think about a time in your life when you felt at your peak. In other words, a time when you were bursting with health and vitality. If you are feeling fantastic at this moment be extra aware of this. Feel the energy gathering in your solar plexus and spreading out so that your whole body is radiant with it. Hold this feeling for a few moments then imagine that this feeling is being magnified and prolonged by a crystal in your cupped hands.

Which ones are you seeing in your hands as this would be the healing crystals for you?


Method Two - Healing Crystals and Meditation

This is adaptation of the previous method; try this if you wish to use your crystal primarily to heal others. Set out your healing crystals and settle yourself as in the first method. This time visualize a golden glow starting in your solar plexus and radiating out similar to the first method. This time however, you are aware that your primary goal is to gather this energy for the healing of others.

Ask for guidance from whatever higher power or guardian spirit you honor. Image that this energy is a gift that has been given to you and you are going to pass on to others, this gift is emanating from your healing crystal held in your cupped hands.

Which healing crystals do you see with your mind's eye? The crystals you see are your healing crystals.


Method Three - Visualization through Color

You do not need the actual crystals in order to use this method. You can use pictures of the crystals as they are used as a focus. Simply direct your attention to the part of your body that is troubling you. What color can you visualize soothing it? If you have a pain, what color would you like to wrap round it? Blue or green can calm pain or itching, red or orange can revitalize, whilst black can banish a wart. Emotional hurts may also be healed this way. For example, disappointment might call for orange or yellow. Sit quietly, breathe deeply and see what comes into your mind. Go by your instincts. Which color crystal do you need?

Give yourself sometime for this method and be aware that it could evoke difficult feelings if you are experiencing emotional pain. It is worthwhile investing in all of the listed healing crystals as tumble stones not only to make your choice easier or because they are inexpensive but because at a later date you may want to re-selected your healing crystal. Below is the interpretation of each crystal.


Apache Tear

This gentler form of black obsidian coaxes out deeply held emotions and enables the negative to be transformed into the positive. If Apache Tear is your choice then you may be holding on to old wounds and resentments. This may cause your body to retain toxins and may result in you feeling sluggish and not at your best. This crystal will enable you to understand what is within to bring it to the light of day, it will allow you to let go and move on. Inhibitions can be released and your faith in yourself can be restored. With the comfort of this stone you can achieve understanding and forgiveness especially for yourself and this will allow you to recover.

This crystal helps ease muscle tension, cleanses the body and helps vitamin absorption.



Strictly speaking amber is not a crystal but fossilized resin from ancient cone bearing trees, bringing with it the riches of the earth. If you have chosen amber you may need an injection of optimism. Depression can rob you of your physical vitality; however, the heartening influence of this stone stimulates the body and encourages enthusiasm and faith in life.

Amber encourages creativity and clears the mind so that you can build on a realistic basis to achieve your ambitions. Physically amber relieves stress by enabling you to see a wider picture allowing you to become balanced and cheerful. It is good for the joints and helps throat and digestive problems. It acts as a tonic for the body cleansing the system by supporting the liver, kidneys and bladder.

Amber repels infection and connects with the energies of the earth in order to promote healing.


Blue Calcite

This crystal of peace and trust has a very beneficial effect on the emotions and the nervous system. If you have chosen Blue Calcite you may have been through a period of stress and trauma and need peace and rest to recuperate. Blue Calcite soothes away anxieties and helps you to be clear about what you feel and why. It enables you to say what you need to say while retaining harmony and tranquility. Blue Calcite is helpful for any mental work, dissolving blocks to creativity and conferring the strength and positive attitudes that can help you overcome obstacles. It is excellent for the bones and skin. It helps the immune system and soothes pain and discomfort on all levels.

Blue Calcite lowers blood pressure and shows you how to trust in your life, enabling you to draw on cosmic energies for healing.



This is a lovely green crystal and is a wonderful aid to relaxation. If you have been working so hard that you feel you are losing the plot, Chrysoprase will enable you to reconnect with the true meaning of life and the beauty of the natural world. Chrysoprase reminds you of your ideas and values and enables you to let go of egotism and judgment in favor of acceptance and love of self and others. In this way it reveals fresh alternatives and encourages a relaxed openness that recognizes opportunities.

It helps you get a good night's sleep and keeps you free of nightmares and calms phobias. If you wish to conceive, this stone can boost fertility and generally enhance the health of the sexual organs, bringing fulfillment.

Chrysoprase regulates the hormones and helps the body to expel toxins.


Black Tourmaline

This crystal is known for strength and defense. If you have chosen Black Tourmaline you may feel you are under threat or have many challenges to meet, for which you will need all your resources. Black Tourmaline has the power to repel attack on a psychic level and to give you the physical vitality to do whatever needs to be done on the practical side. Best of all it enables you to keep your cool, so everything is kept in proportion and manageable.

This crystals most valuable uses is to protect against electromagnetic energies from computes and mobile phones, for this purpose it can be worn around the neck.

Black Tourmaline draws negative energy away from the body, it balances the brain and helps with arthritis and is beneficial for the spine.


Purple Fluorite

This is a very spiritual crystal and encourages psychic fine tuning. If you have chosen this crystal you may fear that you are being manipulated and invaded on a subtle level and realize that you need to shut down and protect yourself while attuning to higher states of consciousness. However, it also helps you organize your mind and environment, enabling you to scrutinize your habits and subconscious motivations and to change them if necessary.
This crystal enables you to access your intuition and develop psychic gifts while retaining common sense. It will help you to heal yourself through meditation.

Purple Fluorite is good for inflammation, colds and nerve pain. It is a tonic for sexual desires, especially if these have been dampened by disillusionment.



This is a very powerful crystal, so it needs to be used with care. So if you have chosen Malachite take time to attune deeply to your intuitive reactions and limit contact with the crystal until you are sure it is benefiting you. Malachite is very good at releasing negativity.

If this is a crystal you have picked, you may need to cleanse yourself of something unpleasant or destructive and you have to have the courage to move forward into a totally new space. You cannot kid yourself or others whilst under the influence of Malachite and as a result outworn ties may be broken as strong emotions surface.
However, it is also a crystal of profound empathy. Malachite heals all sexual problems including traumas from childhood and helps with women’s problems including menstruation and childbirth.

Malachite treats growths and repels toxins and is also good for travel sickness.



This crystal makes you aware of your dreams as the language of your subconscious. By getting to know yourself at a deep level you can make a new start in life. If you have chosen Moonstone you may feel alienated from yourself and have lost contact with that still small voice within.

Moonstone brings body wisdom and aligns your instincts with your intellects. It is a very feminine crystal and helps women contact the goddess within or helps men to find their feminine side. Moonstone encourages you to go with the flow and draws out and heals the emotions and soothes the digestion system.

Moonstone helps with shook and disorders such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorders). Moonstone is particularly good for the feminine reproductive system.


Red Sardonyx

This is an excellent energy source; it provides stimulation and encouragement in areas of life. If you have chosen this crystal you may need an infusion of élan to make a fresh assault on life, to get out of a rut, allowing you to achieve a cherished ambition and to strengthen your willpower. Red Sardonyx will give you vitality. It will also help you to exercise control and draw on your deepest strengths.

This is a crystal of decision and determination attracting good fortune through positive attitude. This crystal also confers protection by helping you to be true to yourself. It helps you to attract partners that complement you and bring joy. It will also help sharpen your senses.

Red Sardonyx is a stimulant to the metabolism, helping the lungs and immune system.



This lovely crystal and helps you to see how beautiful life is even in its simplest form. It encourages you to count your blessings. If you have chosen this crystal you may have become self-pitying and have turned into your own worst enemy. This crystal will enable you to be calm and positive allowing you to find things that bring you joy and help you to release creativity.
Turquoise alleviates panic attacks and the fear of speaking in public and protects against pollution from the environment. It is a friend in times of exhaustion or depletion from environmental causes. Because it confirms serenity it creates the right state of mind for making romantic contacts and for having fun. Laughter a great tonic to the immune system is more readily provoked with this crystal.

Turquoise sooths inflammation and stimulates the adsorption of nutrients and fights infection.


Smoky Quartz

This crystal forms a powerful connection to the earth and therefore aids in grounding and stabilizing. It is important to be sure the crystal is natural, not irradiated. If you have picked Smoky Quartz you may feel you are going through a period of unavoidable difficulty and need a steady stream of supportive energy to help you through.
Smoky Quartz will calm your fears and help you to take each day as it comes, allowing you to find comfort and enjoyment in day to day things. It helps concentration and in the end it will guide you towards the realization of your dreams. Physically, it helps increase tolerance levels, eases headaches, generally stimulates strengthens and encourages the body to absorb minerals.

Smoky Quartz is good for the reproductive organs, muscles, nerves and heart.



This crystal is of warmth and harmony and carries the message that love is the greatest healing force of all. If you have picked this crystal you may feel you have suffered through coldness either your own or the coldness of others and it will allow you to open up, allowing you to make contact with yourself and to be positive.
Rhodonite can connect you to the healing and nurturing powers of a community enabling you to take without guilt and give without counting the cost. It heals abuse and destructive relationships patterns, encouraging the release of emotions, responsibility and true forgiveness. Best of all, it promotes healthy self love that enables you truly to love others. It is excellent for trauma and extreme emotional states.

Rhodonite is good for the hearing and for healing wounds and bites. It can also boost fertility.