Understanding how to choose the right Psychic

Do you know how to choose the right psychic? It is important to consider the different types of readers so you find one that fits your needs.


There are many people who claim to be psychic. Just look at all the psychic phone lines, ads in magazines, newspapers and television. Some of these people have true psychic ability, others are intuitive and are developing their abilities and others have little to no ability at all.

In fact there are so many different kinds of psychic, and they all work on different levels that it makes it hard to select one. Just because someone has psychic abilities does not mean they are qualified to give advice. So how do you choose the right psychic for you? Call them, talk to them and ask them questions. Remember you can use your intuition or gut feeling and if the psychic feels right to you, they usually are.

Do not think that a psychic has the power to change things, do you harm or solve your problems. Psychics are only human. They use an enhanced ability that you all have. If a psychic says something that does not ring true to you, toss it out. You have free-will and only you have the power to change your life and make decisions that are right for you. You and only you are responsible for your thoughts, actions and your life.

No psychic can be 100% right, because of your free-will and choice of options along your life’s path. A psychic may predict something will happen to you because they sense, feel, see, or know where you are at the time of your reading. If you or someone else in your life decides to do something a little different it has a domino effect on the outcome of the reading. Remember nothing you are told is set in stone.

A real psychic will explain the options that are open to you. They will not tell you that you are going to win the lottery or have the perfect relationship. They will guide you; they will not be negative or judgmental. They will not make decisions for you or tell you what to do. A psychic works in a realm where time does not exist (man created time to gain control over their existence).

Having used my psychic abilities for many years I know that I work with truth and integrity. I have high moral ethics and practice with a deep sense of inner strength, spirituality, love and care for my clients. If you are considering using a psychic here are some tips that you may find helpful in you search.


A true psychic will not:

Make you come back for frequent readings as a reading once a year is usually adequate.

Use magic, spells or make you buy anything that will improve your life.

Make a prediction about death.

Promise to solve your problems or find you love.

Ask you for meanings of their psychic impressions.

Need to know anything about your situation, except your questions.

Make decisions for you.

Be arrogant, prideful or egotistical.

Have the need to be right.

Be negative in a reading.


A true psychic will:

Will be correct 80% of the time

Charge reasonable fees and not high rates; please remember that the qualification of a psychic is not directly related to the price they charge.

Give you in-depth insight and not generalize.

Have a deep spiritual belief.

Have put their own life in order.

Provide information to overcome the negativity in your life.

Is focused and clear in their readings.

Makes you feel positive and filled with energy.