Christmas Meditation

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching you need to bring calm into your life. This Christmas meditation will give you time to pause and relax.


You are going to commence on a gentle breathing exercise, I want you to imagine that in front of you is a blackboard, similar to the one you would see in school.

As you relax into the mediation day-to-day thoughts will start to enter your mind. As they do, I want you to just acknowledge them without giving them time to expand, and then as the thoughts fade, take your vision to the blackboard and mentally see yourself cleaning it so that it is empty of any word, image or symbol. Now focus on a candle, this will show you the way home.

Image its Christmas Eve and you are walking up a woody path that gently slopes upwards towards the top of a hill. It is a chilly night, but as you climb upwards the cloths you are wearing keep you warm.

You are carrying a lantern in one hand that casts a gently powerful light and a basket of hot food in the other hand. The light allows you to see clearly the path in front of you. The trees seem to hug at the sides of the smooth path you are walking on.

You do not know where the path leads, but you keep going, knowing that the climb will be worthwhile and you will be richly rewarded for your efforts. As you carry on walking you see a barn with a soft light, so you carefully make your way towards the barn with the light, and as you approach the barn door, you walk inside.

Sitting on some strew is a loved one, your spirit guide or an angel. They invite you to sit with them and as you do so, you lay out the hot food. As you sit they show you an opening in the barn roof, they point to a particular bright star in the eastern sky. You focus on the star for a moment and you appreciate its beauty.

As you look at the star you start to understand that every time you need help and guidance you just need to look at this star and they will be there for you.

Its now time for you to take your leave and make your way back. As you say your goodbyes, you close the barn door. You pause and draw your coat more closely around you. As you look at the sky you lean against the barn wall pondering on what you have seen and what you have been told.

You now start to walk along the path again and as you look back you notice the soft light and the barn has disappeared. You slowly ascend down the hill back along the path until the candle comes back into focus. Once you have reached your candle you feel happy and relaxed bringing yourself back into the here and now and slowly open your eyes.