How color therapy affects the body

An insight into the world of color therapy. There are seven chakras in the body which control your emotions and well being.


There are seven chakras in your body and they control your emotions and mental attitude. When your chakras become unbalanced try using color therapy for re-balancing your chakras as this is a simple and effective balancing process.


Colors therapies for the chakras are as follows.

Root - Red

Sacral - Orange

Solar plexus - Yellow

Heart - Green

Throat - Blue,

Third Eye - Indigo

Crown - Violet

You can use colors to balance and strengthen your chakras on a daily basis. One way of doing this is through color breathing. Another method is through making colored slides and sitting in front of a slide projector so that the color projects upon you.

However, the easiest way of accomplishing this is with simple colored swatches of fabrics. Felt or cloth squares in the colors of the rainbow, can be used to balance the seven chakras. This is an inexpensive and is a quick daily color therapy for the chakras. Once you have acquired the swatches of fabric the method of balancing your chakras can start.

Below is a method you may like to try this is known as correcting the chakras which are out of balance.

Step one: Is to select a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Lie down on your back on the floor or the bed. Have seven cloth swatches corresponding to the color of the rainbow with you (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) one of each of the major chakras.

Step two: Close your eyes and relax, take several slow, deep breaths. As you begin to relax, look back over the day's events, in reverse order. Start with the moment you woke up. Identify the major emotions and attitudes that you have experienced throughout the day, and look at everything you have been exposed to throughout the day, what chakras have been affected?

Step three: When you have completed this, take the color swatches for the chakra or chakras you have identified, and lay them on the part of your body that is associated with the chakra.

Step four: As you lie, with the color swatch or swatches on your chakra point, visualize the color being absorbed and drawn through the chakra and into your body. Let your awareness focus on the fact that as you lie there, the chakra or chakras are now balanced, along with all organs and systems of the body associated with it.

Take several deep breaths, focusing on drawing the color through the swatch or swatches onto the chakra or chakras and restoring balance. Continue this for three to five minutes or until you feel it is balanced. Repeat these steps with any or all other chakras; in fact, you can do this with any chakra you feel is out of balance.


Below a list of each chakra, color and what each color represents


Root chakra - Red

Red is linked to the base or root chakra, this also includes the spine, hips and legs. It stimulates and boosts physical energy, strengthens willpower, increases circulation and clears congestion. Too much red may over stimulate and possibly promote anger or aggressiveness.


Sacral Chakra - Orange

Orange helps to encourage joy, socializing and optimism, which is why it is considered useful for depression or sadness. Orange is of benefit to the kidneys, urinary tract and the reproductive organs. Too much orange can lead to tiredness, pessimism and confusion.


Solar Plexus - Yellow

An imbalance in the solar plexus can promote fear, apprehension, and confusion, lack of determination, introversion or power issues. Yellow helps to balance and is associated with intellect and the mental processes it helps to uplift. The solar plexus chakra helps to influence the digestive system. Too much yellow can lead to poor concentration and hyperactivity.


Heart - Green

Green helps to encourage emotional stability, purity and calmness. It also helps with emotional issues, such as love, forgiveness, trust and compassion. An imbalance in the heart is associated with fear of relationship, mistrust, jealousy, isolation and insecurity.


Throat - Blue

Blue connected to the heart, and lungs. It helps enhance verbal expression and communication, artistic expression and willpower. It is a calming color and helps with insomnia, anxiety, throat problems, high blood pressure, migraine and skin irritation.


Third Eye - Indigo

The third eye is located between the eyes; it also includes the lower part of the head. It helps encourage greater intuition and strengthen the lymph system, immune system and helps purify and cleanse the body.


Crown - Violet

The crown chakra is at the top of the head. It helps encourage spirituality, intuition, wisdom, mastery, focus and mental strength. Too much violet can promote pride and arrogance.

Please note this information is not be used to diagnose or treat disease. There is no evidence that color therapy for the chakras can be used alone and you should not stop taking any form of medication without seeing you doctor.