Visualization techniques for coping with stress

Imagery helps when coping with stress. Visualization involves an image that helps relax you, making it easier for you to cope with any anxiety symptoms and low self esteem.


As a member of modern society, you have available to you a variety of methods when coping with stress and self esteem. Doctors can treat stress symptoms with over the counter remedies that can reduce your pain. These might help you sleep, keep you awake, or enable you to relax. You can also consume food, alcohol and recreational drugs to help cope with stress.

You may have diversions such as TV, hobbies and sport, which allow you to withdraw into your own world allowing you to avoid all but the necessary problems or coping with stress. Stress is an everyday fact of life. You cannot avoid it; however, you can deal with it. Stress with lower your self esteem.

One way of coping with stress is by using visualization this can significantly reduce stress levels. The practice of positive thinking through visualization was popularized by a man called Emil Cove’ a French pharmacist around the turn of this century. He believed that the power of the imagination far exceeds that of the will.

I know what you saying to yourself if I am stressed how can I relax? However, you can imagine relaxation spreading through your body and you should be able to visualize yourself in a safe and beautiful place.

Emil Cove’ asserted that all of your thoughts become reality. For example, if you think sad thoughts you will feel unhappy. If you think you are stressed you thoughts become tense. In order to start coping with stress you need to refocus your mind on positive images.

Every one of us visualizes, a daydream, memories and inner talk, these are all types of visualizations that you can harness giving you a stress free life. A visualization that you create consciously can train your body to relax and in turn, this allows you to cope with stress.


So how do you work with visualization? I will explain a few techniques which you can try.

The first one is receptive visualization. To do this you need to relax and empty your mind, sketch a vague scene, ask a question and wait for a response. You may imagine you are on a beach and the breeze is caressing your skin, you can hear and smell the sea. You might ask “why can I not relax?” The response might surface into your consciousness “because you cannot say no to others around you” or because you cannot detach yourself from other people’s problems which are causing you more stress”.

The second one is programmed visualization. To do this you need to create an image, with sight, taste, sound and smell. Then image a goal that you want to attain. For example, a friend of my used this technique when she was running a race for charity. In the days coming up to the race, she would visualize the race and the course. She would feel the pressure of running up the hill, the exhaustion after several miles and the finish line. When the race day arrived, she finished the race in a good time and she felt great.

When using these methods you need to see your sense in detail, and then wait for your subconscious or your inner guide to supply the missing pieces. Below is a guide visualization that you may like to try for coping with stress.

You are on a path that leads to a pond. You can feel the grass under your feet, the pond is about thirty yards away, and there are mountains in the distance. You can feel the coolness of the air in this shady spot. The birds are singing. The sun is bright on the pond. The honeysuckle smells lovely and you watch a bee which is buzzing over the flower.

Remember you can make the visualization whatever you want; you may choice to use a memory from a holiday you had and relive the holiday. It does not matter as long as you are relaxed.

If you decide to use visualization, you should use it in the morning and at night for about five to ten minutes. This is a great way of coping with stress. You want know until you try it. What have you got to loss?

One thing’s for sure it can only improve you health and life and it will bring your confidence back and your self esteem.