How and why psychic counselling helps.

How psychic Counselling helps you to understand and put into prospective your personal problems. By talking to a counsellor you can express life problems.


Living in today's world of pressure and high expectations leaves many people feeling confused, depressed, stressed or tense. Many just feel they have lost their direction and feel they want more out of life.

Many of us do not have the time or energy to relax. Many people find they try to relax through TV, Alcohol or over-eating. These are the most common elements that people use because they cannot deal with their problems in other ways.

People today are more willing to visit counselors who will create a harmonized and supportive environment where you can relax and talk in the strictest confidence. They will lead you through your problems. By communicating your feelings and thoughts can be a great way of releasing tension.

By having psychic counseling can help you to express and resolve difficult life problems and feelings, and your immediate and long standing issues with relationships can be explored. Our relationship will develop and move towards an understanding of self awareness and help in resolving your unresolved issues.

Together you will endeavor to co-create a fuller understanding of your personal experience and they can help you with any issues you may have.


Psychic Counseling - What is it?

It is simply talking to another person who will listen without judging you. They will keep everything discussed completely private and confidential. Psychic Counseling is an extension to a Psychic Reading. A counselor has the ability to access the deep layers of the subconscious and help you to make sense of the underlying issues and to help you with the problems and difficulties in your life which have become overwhelming. It gives you the chance to discuss your concerns in greater detail. Once you understand yourself you can then find your own answers and direction.

How often should I have a consultation?
It’s up to you. Often a personal problem can be resolved with just a 1 hour session. The average for deeper, more complex dilemmas or worries is a 1 hour session per week over 12 weeks.


How can it help you?

Whilst your friends and family maybe supportive, talking to another understanding person will give you an opportunity to say things you are unable to tell friends or family.

Why phone and not face-to-face might be right for you?
Because telephone consultations are one-to-one and not face-to-face, you may feel more comfortable and relaxed not having to directly face someone.


Lynn Claridge says:
"As a counselor I will develop an open and trusting relationship. The art of my counseling is to listen and help you reflect. By listening I will be non judge mental about what I hear and put my opinions and attitudes to one side, yet remain objective. In this way I can whole heartily empathize with you but will still keep your own psychological and spiritual health in mind."