Learn how creative thinking improves personal development

How practicing creative thinking means saying NO to negative thinking.


If you want to change your life, the first step is to say no to negative thinking. Whenever you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, change your thoughts. All your feelings, beliefs and knowledge are based on internal thoughts whether you know it or not. This comes from the inner conversation you constantly have with yourself both consciously and sun-consciously. Saying no to Negative thinking is all about what you should say to yourself. This approach is called the three Cs; known as commitment, control and challenge. Let us look at all three in turn.


Make a positive commitment to yourself; this will help you improve your brain, change your life and gain financial freedom. When you achieve one of your positive commitments praise yourself, this will help you keep your commitment.


Control is about keeping your mind focused on the important things. Set yourself achievable goals and develop a strategy for dealing with your problems in a positive manner. This is where you can become positive and relaxed and you can start to achieve success. The other important part here is to be honest with yourself.


Your challenge here should be to change your life. Do not look back over past events, start to mix with positive people, ask questions and be positive about the changes in your life.

Research shows that when you begin to change your life you start to modify that inner conversation almost immediately, you improve your performance and increase your energy levels. Once you do this, you can start to open the door of opportunities. Commitment, control and challenge help you with self-improvement and self-growth

All these then lead to positive thinking. Have you ever thought about the fact that there is never a moment when you are not thinking?

Whatever you do in your personal life or at work begins with a thought. So now is the time to change your thoughts and change your life. Here are four simple steps to help you do just that, with these steps you can start to mange your thoughts and then achieve success and happiness.

Step One

Start to identify your thoughts, start by taking notes of your thoughts and become an observer. You can get carried away with your thoughts however, this is natural. What you need to understand is why your thoughts are what they are. If your thoughts are negative you need to change them to positive thoughts. Remember, for every negative thought there is a positive one.

Do not condemn or try to justify your thoughts just try to control them. After time you will come to know what are negative thoughts and what you need to do to change them. You will start to concentrate on only your positive thoughts. Once you start switching your thoughts from negatives to positives is when you are say no to negative thinking. You should find that you start to cut down on unnecessary thoughts and improve the necessary ones. Keep yourself busy, have simple food, do some deep breathing and try some relaxation exercises. All these will help you mange your thoughts.


Step Two

To help you identify with negative thoughts write down your thoughts. By writing your thoughts down, will help you find the negative thoughts. Then write down happenings of your day, were they positive, appropriate and adequate or were they confusing, superfluous and negative?

Could you identify your thoughts between the happening and the response? If yes, can you see your negative thoughts? If the answer is no, what can you do to identify your thoughts?
Was there any discrepancy between words and thoughts? If yes, was it justified? If the answer is no, can you find a better way of harmonizing your words and your thought process? Was the verbal response necessary, appropriate and adequate?

As well as taking to others you will also find you talk to yourself. When this happens ask yourself what provoked you to start a conversation and was it essential? What was the purpose? Did it serve a purpose? If no, why not? Did you use any unnecessary negative words? Were the words used in your thinking process? If they were, when you were talking to another person were they precise, appropriate, adequate and positive? Did you feel happy or satisfied after the interaction with the other person? If you feel you were bring in more negative thoughts than positive ones can you find ways of improving you’re speaking or thinking process?

Keep in mind that your notes are meant to help you identify your negative thoughts. It is far more important however, to be aware of these thoughts when they happen rather than leaving them until a later date to analysis after. Be aware of your thoughts and your response, as this is very important when saying no to negative thinking.


Step Three

Say no to negative thoughts. Imagine the sun as a powerful light and use this mental image to kill your undesirable negative thoughts. Take this powerful light as a mighty weapon that is always on alert and it will automatically chase any negative thoughts away. Keep a note of how many times you need to call on this powerful light. As time goes on you will notice a decrease in you’re negative thinking, this will be followed by a drastic change. This is where the negative versus positive changes to positive versus negative.


Step Four

As you would have now have realized, using positive thoughts is a vital step in this process. Your success and happiness depends on you identifying positive thoughts and changing your outlook on life. The quality of your thoughts will decide on the outcome of your success and happiness. Your thoughts have the power to materialize themselves in many ways. It is up to you to make them positive. Another important area to remember is that external situations and remarks from others can harm the way you think, however, this can only affect your thoughts if you allow it to. So think positive, read positive things, and choose to have people around you that are positive. Remember, you can have what you want just by being positive. For every negative there is a positive. For example if you confront a negative thought like “I can never succeed “you will not, however, if you change it to a positive “I will succeed “you will achieve success.

Once you say no to negative thoughts you are well on your way to achieving success and happiness.