Crystal Angel Meditation

This delightful crystal angel meditation will allow you to contact your angels or your guardian angels. They are special angels that watch over you.


This Crystal angel meditation will help you make contact with the spirit of love and wisdom. It is intended to be a deeper and more intimate encounter. The crystal angel is not only your companion and your guardian but your teacher as well.

To prepare for this exercise settle yourself where you can relax totally, and place a crystal of your choice in front of you where you can see it as you enter your inner world.

Concentrate on your breathing, breathe deeply and slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth. See good energy entering you with each breath, and bad energy leaving as you breathe out. Continue breathing in this way for about a minute. Now relax into a steady breathing pattern. Clear your mind as best you can and allow the scene to unfold in your mind's eye.

Imagine that it is a cool evening and the bright crescent of the new moon hangs in a lilac sky. You find yourself at the foot of a beautiful mountain made solely of the substance of your crystal.

You touch the sides to find that they are smooth. Now notice a staircase cut into the side of the mountain. You begin to ascend the steps slowly and smoothly.

Higher and higher you climb and as you do so the shadowy landscape stretches around you and beneath you. Up and up you go where the air is pure and clear, until you come to a platform where the staircase ends. There is a door with a silver handle leading into the mountain. Gently turn the handle and walk in.

You find yourself in a place of breathtaking beauty. The walls within the crystal mountain sparkle and shimmer. The chamber extends far into the distance and the ceiling is high. A subtle light illuminates everything. There is the sound of soft music and a scent of incense. You are now full of wonder.

At the far end of the chamber the light seems to be growing.

You watch as it increases in intensity and you realize that a being of great power and beauty is coming towards you. This is the crystal angel of your choice. He or she will appear to you in the way that is best to communicate with you.

Greet the crystals angel in any way that seems appropriate. Ask them any questions that you have and listen carefully to the answer. Your angel may say things to you and you should listen well. Your crystal angel will have a gift for you. This may be something abstract like love or courage or something real and symbolic such as a book. Whatever this is, treasure it and give thanks. Pledge also a gift of your own that seems appropriate, such as a loving act. Remain with the crystal angel as long as it feels right.

When you are ready take leave and respectfully make your way to the door and down the mountainside. When you reach the bottom come back to everyday awareness. Bring yourself back to the here and now.