A introduction to crystal healing

A Introduction to Crystal healing. Crystals have a long tradition of being used to heal people. Each Crystal has its own energy and power.


Crystal healing takes our bodies energy and sends it out from our body as another form of energy. When electricity is placed into a crystal it will give off vibrations. When you hit or squeeze a crystal it gives off light and electricity. In each of these cases the energy that goes in the crystal is different to the energy that comes out of the crystal. It becomes transformed into an energy which is unique to each crystal. The crystals force-field helps to stimulate growth which in turn penetrates and affects every level of consciousness and matter.

Healing crystals are responsive and like to transform and regenerate there energy, this helps to stabilize the emotional body and also helps to energize the crystals physical power. Crystals help to improve the ability to dream, they can also help to develop intuition and psychic sense when meditating. They help to increase the power of the brain, which helps us to remember what we have learned throughout our life.

The Atlantean civilization had healing temples made from crystals and gemstones which were used for people that required healing. In India they used Ayurvedic medicine. This involved grinding the gemstones into a very fine powder and then mixed with a liquid. The client then takes a prescribed dosage.

Many cultures believe that stones and gemstones had a life giving potency which would provide the wearer with strength if worn or carried. Over the years this led to the use of gems and crystals being used for healing various conditions. It has now become a highly developed science. In 1980 Dael Walker a director of the Crystal Awareness Institute in America tested people’s ability to be healed with crystals. Out of the 234 people who were tested for reduction of pain or stiffness, by holding and having crystal placed around them 227 confirmed a significant reduction in pain. In an article written for the Crystal Source book in 1987 he said, “The crystal responds to thoughts and emotions and interacts with the mind. It increases thought energy and emotional power and reduces stress and pain”.


Crystal Stones and Crystals of the Calendar

The belief that a particular stone was dedicated to each month of the year seems very ancient and was possibly related to the twelve stones on the breastplate of Jewish high priests. The writings of St Jerome and Josephus comment on a connection between the twelve stones and the twelve months of the year as well as the twelve zodiacal signs. The Chaldeans who lived in Mesopotamia around 4000BC discovered a relationship between the planets and specific gems.

The general wearing of a stone associated with the birth date did not become widely fashionable until the eighteenth century. Before this time the stones were used more for therapeutic reasons. Originally it was thought better to have a stone for each month of the year. The stone of the month was believed to generate the most healing power and give protection. To wear the stone of the sign under which one was born also meant to magnify the vibratory influence of that particular planet.

In the sixteenth century it was fashionable to wear an emerald in the spring and a ruby in the summer. You would wear a sapphire in the autumn and a diamond in the winter.

The emerald is associated with Venus the goddess of love maybe it was appropriate for a young man or women to wear the emerald when finding love. The color green in a gem symbolizes growth, sensitivity and a new birth. The ruby is known as the king of the jewel, stimulating expression and creativity.

The Industrial Revolution swept away much of the traditional jeweler being worn as a sign of wealth and status. Gradually more people were able to afford to buy gems and the subsequent popularization of gem collecting lead to the custom of associating specific stones with particular wedding anniversaries and the common use of birthstones charts as we know them today.