Crystal Healing - How the Chakras work

Learn how the chakra system works with Crystal Healing.


Each chakra healing crystal has a color and crystals that are associated with them, bringing energy into your body. There are seven main chakras energy points that spin and transfer energy.


The crown chakra

Located at the top of your head and its color is violet. The crown is linked to the function of the brain and pineal gland. It helps to connect you to your spiritual inner self; it helps with positive thoughts, brings inspiration and increases imagination.

The color violet soothes nervous and mental disorders, neurotics and is useful in the treatment of tumors and concussion. The violet stone helps expand your mind and is good for self-development. If there is a blockage in this area, you could feel confused, not be thinking clearly, have depression, becoming obsessional and feel tired. The chakra healing crystals to choose for energy are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Sapphire, Diamond, Topaz, Alexandrite, Pearl and Crystal.


The brow chakra

Located between and just above the eyebrows and its color is indigo. The indigo energy affects the pituitary gland that governs the hormones of the other endocrine glands. Its function helps with clear vision (physical and spiritual) strengthens intuition, aids psychic abilities, helps with concentration, brings increased self-knowledge. Indigo is a great purifier and calms and smooths the mind. If there is a blockage in this area, you could have headaches, nightmares, eye problems, neurological disturbances or poor balance. The chakra healing crystals used are Sapphire, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Siberian, Quartz and Sodalite.


The throat chakra

Located over the throat and its color is blue. Blue controls the metabolic rate of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Its function is to help with clear communication and expressing your self, it is cool and soothing to the mind. If you have a blockage in this area, you can have repeated colds, sore throats, asthma, hearing issues, stiff neck and not being able to show your emotions. The chakra healing crystals used are Blue Agate, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, chrysoprase, Turquoise and Chalcedony.


The heart chakra

Located in the middle of the chest and the color is green. Green is linked to the heart center and affects the physical heart and blood circulation. Because green is neither cool nor warm it is therefore entirely neutral. The function is the center of emotion; it helps with being compassionate, showing and feeling love, understanding and forgiveness. If you have a blockage in this area you could have heart problems, lung problems, hyperventilating, circulatory issues, raised blood pressure, fears of abandonment or betrayal. The chakra healing crystals that help are Jade, Malachite, Adventurine, Tourmaline, Emerald, Diamond, Green Agate, Peridot, Rose Quartz and Kunzite.


The solar plexus chakra

Located between the belly button and the bottom of the ribs, the color is yellow. This chakra relates to the autonomic nervous system, pancreas and liver. Yellow has a stimulating effect on the nerves, and is very good for co-ordination and orientation. It aids the digestion and purifies the whole body and especially good for the skin. Other functions include helping with confidence, a sense of humor, personal power, authority and it allows you to show feeling and warmth. It there is a blockage it can cause anxiety, stomach ulcers, digestive issues, feeling low, low self-esteem, tiredness, allergies, feeling over sensitive, and lose of control in your life. The crystals that can help include Topaz, Citrine, Amber, Peridot, Tigers Eye, Yellow Fluorite and Agate.


The sacral chakra

Located between the navel and the pubic bone and its color is orange. This chakra relates to spirit health, and the orange energies the adrenals and kidneys, energizing the body physically, nourishing it by absorbing nutrients from food. The function of this chakra is to give vitality, strength, generate creativity, new ideas, passion, endurance and sexual energy. Blockages in this part can cause impotence, bladder, kidney and uterine disorders, prostate problems, lower back pain and infertility, and anything associated with fear, shock and guilt. The crystals used here are Cornelian, Coral, Jasper, Agate, Bloodstone, Haemalite, Dolomite, Moonstone and Tourmaline.


The base chakra

Located at the base of the spine and the color is red. This relates to the life-force energy and is the spirit of life. The color gives you physical strength and vitality. It functions help keep your feet on the ground, controls the nervous system, keeps you safe and centered, promotes stability, courage, patience and success. A blockage here can cause problems with any part of the body from the hips down, arthritis issues, dental problems, constipation, and weight gain or obesity. The crystals used here are Rudy, Garnet Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Bloodstone, Black Onyx and Agate.