The truth about death and the afterlife

What really happens when we die? Death and afterlife, the truth about what happens once we die and the destination the souls takes after death.


Is there life after death and how does the afterlife concept affect your outlook on life?

As far as I am concerned, there really is an afterlife. Death defines our mortality, but it does not permanently end life. You merely transcend into the next stage, the afterlife, the immortal life.

Death is not the end of life, but rather life in another form. The afterlife does not exist to punish you but rather to teach you.

Reincarnation is the process by which your souls grow and involve over successive lifetimes. In accordance with the law that you create your own reality, upon physical death, your soul journeys to a place of its own choosing.  There will be no god to condemn you to hell, and no Satan to punish you for your perceived sins, unless that is what you truly believe that you deserve. You are your own judge, and the architect of your own afterlife and therefore what you truly believe you will manifest.

The other side is a place of peace and rest where all your needs are met.

Here with the assistance of your spirit guides you evaluate your most previous incarnation, your experiences, and the lessons that you learned in that incarnation. If after this period of evaluation, you feel that more lessons are warranted, your spirit guide assists you in writing an outline for your next life. This outline will include those experiences necessary to learn the lessons you feel are needed for your continued evolvement.

You may choose not to incarnate again, however, this does not mean that you have attained a state of ultimate enlightenment, but that you are choosing to continue the process of soul evolvement on the spiritual plane rather than the physical one. These individuals may become spirit guides to other souls.

Conversely, there are those who have attained a high level of enlightenment and because of this no longer need to incarnate and yet they do so for the highest good.

Many ask how long does it take a spirit to pass or cross over into spirit or how long does it take a spirit to leave the body, the answer is no time at all. Those who are in spirit who return to speak to me, tell of how when they pass into spirit they are immediately free to make the transition into the spirit realms, and of how they are greeted and met by their own spirit guides and loved ones who come to welcome them into the continuation of spiritual life.

When they come to me for the first time, they are within the most brilliant light that illuminates before me and acts as a portal through which they can pass freely from the earthly plane into the spirit realms and later they can use the light to return to the earth at will from spirit.