Meditation and Deep Healing

Why Deep Healing through Meditation depends largely on your responses to life. You occasionally hear of miracle cures through meditation.


You occasionally hear of miracle cures through meditation. These are rare but do happen. This happens because there is a deep change in the consciousness mind.

The causes of stress appear to be magnified. You may blame poor health, work or your living conditions, difficulties in a relationship, upbringing or an unnatural modern lifestyle. However, the most fundamental cause is the way you react. If you react with negatively you squirm like a worm on a hook, trapped by fear, anger or desire. If you react positively, life is tolerable, if not always pleasant.

Whether you live in heaven or hell depends largely on your responses to life.

The source of most stress is blocked by emotions and can often occur when you live a lie. It is true to say that, any emotion in its basic state is actually positive. The main problem happens when it is blocked by either you or by outside circumstances.

Blocking emotions is a short-term strategy; after all, we have all done this since birth.

Nonetheless, your emotions do not just vanish they just go underground and will always try to surface. If it cannot get to you through your emotions it may erupt as sickness in your body.

Your emotions are very physical. Each is a precise cocktail of hormones that creates immediate results in your body. Emotions move up or down, anger is a hard upward movement, joy is a soft upward movement, fear is a hard downward movement and sorrow is a soft downward movement.

If you show your full expression of emotion, friends will not tolerate it or family (rightly so, I might add, most strong emotions are blinding).

For example, if you vent your rage fully your body may feel good, but the outer consequences can be catastrophic.

What happens is your emotions leak out in smaller doses. What you must remember is that deep emotions can overload and break down in time. If you look at the emotional tone in your thoughts, you will see if they lead you to happiness or misery.

If you have an unhealthy thought this makes the mind tight, narrow and obsessed. On the other hand a healthy thought makes the mind loose open and receptive to new things. The body mirrors both thoughts and emotions and bears the consequences of them. When you start to get angry for example, take a moment to observe the accompanying sensations in your body and there is a good chance that you will feel uncomfortable. Some people find that their thoughts alone can make their stomach knot up. Your blood pressure rises and your breathing can become spasmodic you can worry yourself sick to the point of getting a headache or start vomiting.

By meditating you can observe the quality of the mind, it may look pure but with closer examination, it may show it to be laced with unhealthy emotions. Many people who try to be good are consumed by the emotions that they are trying to avoid. Just as people in the third world countries can survive with water that is contaminated, so can you get by with a contaminated mind? However, your quality of life and your health may suffer.

Mind states and emotions come and go rapidly. You will learn to recognize and release the unhealthy ones although you will quickly know when to boost the healthy ones. This is your life task. It is not easy; you will not often know the difference between the healthy and the unhealthy. However, nothing you do is more important than this.

By meditating you learn tolerance. You will learn to cope with next doors barking dog your pains and the aggravation from work. You might find the pain may still be there, but you will no longer pick at the scab. Gradually the acceptance will extend to bigger things. You will be surprised to find yourself not getting upset or angry when you usually would.

It is easy to say that you forgive without feeling it. Real healing occurs when not just your mind but your instinctive responses in your body become peaceful. Big liberations are often based on thousands of shifts in both body and mind and often these shifts may be quite unexpected. If you are blocking your emotions you might have quite strange sensations in your body.


I will try to describe this process.

When you are tranquil your mind will start throwing out any garbage. It is like the way your body throws off toxins when you are on the go, these symptoms can be similar.

Uncomfortable sensations may suddenly arise for no apparent reason. They might pass through as waves of discomfort. It could be itching, nausea, faintness, trembling, shooting pains, flushes, feeling bloated or restless. Although these are usually quite subtle they can be difficult to sit through. These are usually unacknowledged emotions surfacing on the physical plane. You might feel that there is something wrong with your meditation and stop, but this is a mistake. Your meditation is actually bearing fruit your challenge is just to watch.

A sensation triggered by an emotional shift is different from a purely physical sensation. It is more like an intense memory being pushed through the body. If you had backache caused by bad posture for example, it may come and go in a flash. It may appear purely physical but it is often accompanied by an unpleasant emotion.

The deeper the meditation, the deeper the healing. At the risk of appearing mystical I would now like to describe some deeper states of consciousness.

You can get little tastes of it outside meditation, for example, when you are so absorbed in the beauty of nature or playing music or lovemaking you will notice that time stands still and everything shines with an inner light. In these moments, all your senses of self vanish. However, what remains of you is simply pure awareness. This is a state of exceptional clarity and bliss. As this feeling only last a few seconds you are unlikely to get lost there. You will find that unhealthy emotions vanish.

Once your mind has unified, you are at one with everything imaginable. You will find that nothing is excluded. You will feel at one with nature and with all humanity (even things you hate). You will find you are no longer at war with yourself or anyone or anything. Nothing is lacking in these moments. What more could you possibly want?

You will see that you are capable of dropping your negative thoughts. This is certainly no small achievement. But unless you are inspired to turn your life around outside meditation cure is unlikely.

Deep healing requires clearing of all the negativity, not just when you are meditating, but in everyday life. From the first time you sit to meditate, you are boosting the positive state of mind. Therefore, when you meditate just use the following to help you.

* Meditate long and deeply.

* Create time and space to re-evaluate everything.

* Let your emotion go.

* Prepare to change your lifestyle.

* Believe in what you see and hear.