Psychic Development Circle

Understand how psychic development circles work. The purpose of a psychic development circle is to provide you with a place where you can be focused.


The purpose of a psychic development circle is to provide you with a place where your psychic energy can be focused on developing a higher perceptive reading ability. After 3 to 4 weeks, the energy within the circle develops, helping all the participants with their progress.

The psychic development circle should meet at a place that has no disturbances, by this I mean noises, telephones, children playing or people shouting. The best location would be a center or a room in a spiritual church that has a room that can be used just for the use of developing your gift. The next best place would be a private house providing it takes place where there are once again no disturbance from family, TV and telephones.

The development circle should be held weekly, on the same night at the same time. You should all meet every week; however, it is OK to miss one occasionally. There should be no more than 12 to 14 people for a beginner's circle, especially if everyone is new at it.

However, I should also say that you should have no less than 4 in the development circle. I should also mention that you should feel comfortable in the circle, if you are uncomfortable or not at easy then you should look for another circle. If you are uncomfortable or uneasy, you will find it hard to find the energy within the group.

The energy in a psychic development circle becomes possible once you hold the belief that it is possible to use and understand the gift you hold. It is not about looking for proof or disproof. It is simply an internal choice, and a matter of a few questions you need to ask yourself. Do you want to experience psychic development in your life? If so then believe it is possible. Do you prefer not to experience it? Then believe it is impossible. Do you want to experience conflicting evidence? Then remain in doubt. The only proof you will find is when you are ready to believe.
I myself run psychic development circles because I find then empowering and useful. To me perhaps the most empowering part of my gift is that it allows me to live without fear of death, and allows me to access a deeper source of knowledge and support.

If you cannot find a development circle to attend, you could always start your own. Below are some guidelines you can follow. Remember, the ideal of a psychic development circle is the sole purpose of developing your psychic talents. The way to conduct a psychic development circle is by having general rules at the beginning and later on when experience and need dictates, you can start to modify the procedure.

Step One
Find out which of you would like to be the moderator of the psychic development circle, this person will keep the circle within the procedures and time schedule decided upon. The person you have to lead the invocation which is simply a statement stating the intent to participate in the psychic on the highest plane and the rejection of all negativity.

Step Two
Allow everyone in the group to report on psychic events that have happened in their life, since the last meeting. Spend about 15 minutes sharing this information because it helps to develop the mindset and train others on what to look for in their lives.

Step Three
Begins with a guided meditation which leads to a sacred place. This should last about 15-20 minutes. The guided meditation can be led by one member of the group or a tape. The meditation does not have to be guided; it can be just music or without the choice is down to the group. The purpose of the meditation is to get the psyche relaxed and into the mind and spirit state where psychic activity begins. Afterwards, everyone in the group can report their visions and experiences of the meditation.

Step Four
Start with an exercise to pick up information for the participants present. Another short meditation can be used here during which everyone in the group focuses on getting the information. This helps eliminate the stress beginners can often feel when they are ask to report any visions.

Step Five
Giving the messages or information. This can be done by starting at one end and going around the development group. You may find that each person prefers to offer whatever they have when they are ready. The recipient of any message should only answer with a yes or no regarding the relevancy of the information. The recipient should not offer free information because there will not be anything left for anyone to uncover by psychic means. This part of the psychic development circle can be repeated again if there is time, otherwise keep it to about one a half hours.

Step Six
Closing of the circle. Always send thanks to the spirits and your spirit guide for their help it can also be nice to send a healing prayer for people that may need healing.