Discovering Your Spiritual Purpose

When discovering your spiritual purpose you open up all the doors in your life allowing you to experience the freedom you were born to have.


Knowing and discovering your spiritual purpose is a motivating and exciting force in your life. You will have many purposes in life, and although you may be fulfilled in your day-to-day life, you will not look or think of it as a life’s purpose. However, you could say meaning and purpose motivate each choice, each experience and each role you have played teaches you lessons about yourself, your relationship, people, organizations and how life works.

Growth and learning takes place from each experience you have, it moves you forward to a greater awareness, and drives your purpose in life. You may choose to look broader at the purpose of life or you may see it as a spiritual reason for your life.

You may be a person that knows your destiny in a clear fashion or you may be a person who is not sure of your destiny. You may be a person that knows their mission in life or you may be a person that does not. You may be a person that knows their spiritual path or you may be a person that simply allows life to direct you without giving it much thought. You may be a person that does not have to define what your spiritual path is or you may be a person that does not care. Do you see your life as a theme or a spiritual purpose?

If you want to know your spiritual path or move on, there is a spiritual life purpose inventory at the end of this article to help you with this process. If you are already on your spiritual path, you may like to use the information for clarity and to celebrate how you are already fulfilling your spiritual purpose.

You may not have recognized that your spiritual self has called you to express your life in a certain direction. Without defining it as a spiritual path, you may have had a lot of inner drive to accomplish certain goals or to develop and use certain talents many times as an avocation. If you were to turn around and review your life, you might see some important patterns that point in the direction of seeing purpose. Maybe, you had a strong desire to build or refinish furniture, to know the names of local trees or birds, to write a story or to start your own business.

The desire to develop and enjoy your interests and talents are seen as actualizing a spiritual purpose. If it benefits others that is great, however, the fact is, it will bring more joy, peace and love into your life.

So how do you reach deeper when discovering a spiritual purpose and meaning that will motivate, stimulate and enrich your life at any age? Let us look at two processes. There is the, the gentle, passive, or flowing approach that allows your spiritual path to find you. Then there is the directive, active, or seeking approach to finding your spiritual path. Many times, you would have experienced a combination of both processes.

I for example take more of the first approach in discovering my spiritual purpose. I analyzed the meaning of my life and dug deep to find my spiritual journey. I received the information I needed; however, it was not until later in life that the information made sense to me and it was only then, that I felt passion to actualize it. Timing is so important in living your life and fulfilling your mission. You can get answers when you ask, however, the time to actualize them depends on many things, your maturity level, your ability to assimilate and integrate your experiences and your degree of understanding the language of the soul, which is intuition and inner knowing.

Because I was so determined and because I wanted to explore myself and inner healing, I found out a general overview of my life purpose in my late forties. The theme of my life I discovered was so simple that I almost did not get it. How did I find out? Part of my self-discovery process was to use what I had by helping others understand who they were, and helping them to find what they wanted out of life. I took diplomas in counseling, psychotherapy, relaxation therapy, crystal healing and herbalism. This allowed me to teach mediation and relaxation classes. In the workshop for meditation my clients and I would ask many questions, such as why were we given these gifts, and what is my spiritual journey?

After meditation, my clients and I would write down the information given to us. I am not going to say what my clients received; however, I will tell you, what I was given, as my spiritual journey. It was simply to teach what I know, and to help others understand about life. After sometime of looking at this information, I decided to use it. Now I have given spiritual readings, given counseling, run workshops for meditation and relaxation and work with crystals to heal. I have also written e-books on different topics to help others move on in life. I have now found my spiritual path.

Now look at your life. If you are not sure, what your spiritual journey is, start exploring your consciousness and you will find out. Maybe you have a sense of completing many lessons and are ready to take another step to find your spiritual path. Do you know yourself pretty well and have you started inner healing? Have you been asking yourself “who am I? Why am I here? What is my spiritual contribution to the world? How do I tune into divine guidance to direct my life?

These and many more questions will surface when you are ready to find your spiritual path. Those of you just getting started on your spiritual journey, remember it is not a race and you should not compare yourself to others. You many discover your life purpose while you are in a process of self-discovery and inner healing.

At the end of this article, I suggest you take the life purpose inventory to help you start the deeper process. Get yourself a journal so you can record your answers and insights for further study. Ignore any negative self-talk that wants to sabotage your spiritual journey. Fear and doubt may stop your inner guidance coming to you by telling you that you are not capable, evolved enough, or worthy enough to participate in life. Allow the process to unfold as you weave together the tapestry of your higher purpose. During the process, pay attention to your dreams and write down any messages, ideas, desires, visions, suggestions, hunches, or feelings you receive. Some people receive their messages in a silent voice that speaks to them, others see pictures and others just have a feeling or a sense of the answers.

After you have taken the life purpose inventory, meditate on your answers and write in your journal daily until you feel a sense of direction or clarity. You may sense the part you are to play and the arena in which you will play in the big picture of life or you may just see the next step or two for you. Write down all your impressions, they are important even if some appear to be mundane. For example, take it seriously, if you feel you need to get your house, closets, drawers and files in order. By eliminating what you do not need, you open the door for what you do need. If you get the impression to simplify your hectic life, it will serve you to reevaluate your activities and prioritize your real needs and values to create a solid foundation for your spiritual mission that is just around the corner.

You may feel the need to go on a special diet, acknowledge and heal one of your addictions, or start an exercise program. Once you complete these steps, you can move to the next strep and the next. The key is to follow each step and know you are progressing on your spiritual path. Override doubt and negative self-talk and just keep going. In time, you will turn around and observe how far you have come and you will be surprised that by taking one-step at a time how far you have progressed.

Honor your resistance and when you feel you have no willpower to put into practice understand you have to listen to that inner voice. Listen and you will find you probably need, some nurturing or to finish some loose ends in your life, maybe heal one of your relationships, leave a job or change your negative thinking. You are not backsliding if you go through a period of needing help.

Remember this; it is just as important to have a spiritual purpose, as it is to raise a child, to grow a garden, to uplift friends and family when they need love and encouragement, to develop one of your talents, to get to know yourself, or to heal a problem. The important thing is to be true to yourself and actualize yourself.

Whether you receive one-step at a time or the bigger picture to discover your spiritual purpose, it matters not. Just go with whatever is right for you. Your spiritual self knows you and knows how to motivate you. Some people have a specific calling and others have a general purpose that only they can fulfill. Do not underestimate the value of each day and the value of you.

Life-purpose inventory
List your talents, interests and gifts, now write about the one that you would like to nurture.
What things do you love to do when you have time, what do you enjoy?
What things do you see others doing and wish you could do or have the time to do? What would be the perfect job or career for you?

Write about any significant spiritual experiences you have had and see how they have influenced your life.

What do you think or feel, would make your family, community or the world a better place? What part might you play to bring it about?

Discuss the major emotional events, traumas or challenges that have influenced or shaped you life. Write about how they might motivate you to get involved in making changes in the world, in people’s awareness or to help others with similar issues or problems.

Write the most exciting future you can think of for you.

Whom do you respect, admire and wish to emulate? Explain; write about possibilities where you might do some of the same things that you admire?

List the lesson you feel you have learned so far in life. Write about ones that are still in process.

What might you teach others who are a step behind you working through challenges as yourself?

What do others say when they compliment you? Use your imagination and explore how these traits, can be put to greater use.

What childhood memories are still playing apart in your adult life? Explain how some of these may give you motivation you need to heal yourself.

When meditating ask for insight about your spiritual path, see, hear or feel the answers that come to you in the shape of insight, dreams, or daydreams and write them down.

Write about joy and fulfillment. Do you think your spiritual purpose is more about doing or being? Write freely what comes into your mind. Sit quietly and allow anything else that your unconscious wants to express to flow onto your piece of paper.

I wish you luck discovering your spiritual purpose.