How Emotional Awareness Works

Try this simple emotional awareness exercise. It will help you understand why you do the things you do and why you have the things you have.


Understanding your emotions is very difficult. The first step is to become aware of your emotions, which means becoming aware of pain. This can be more rewarding than you could imagine. Most people cannot imagine a life free from obsessions, fixations and addictions.

The alternative is to become aware of your emotions.

Your need to feel safe and your need for love runs deep in your everyday life. You need this as much as you need food, water and shelter. By creating shelter, food and rising the next generation, makes you feel safe valuable and loved and this you can be very grateful. The only problem is that there are billions of humans in the world that live in poverty, are hungry and are suffering every day of their lives, some because they choose to, whilst others have just had a bad start in life.

The only way to change these circumstances is to step back from your comfortable life and see the real world. To help change this, your feelings have to come from your heart. Remember the hardest journey you all make in life is from your head to your heart.

This journey into your heart is your future and that is your way of creating advancement. No individual person can give to another individual their compassion and wisdom. Every individual feels hunger for life and that will never disappear. For example, a mother whose children are starving and living in poverty, the person that is unloved, the poor and the sick are all living with an inner anguish that will always be with them. Their pain is your pain; their joy is your joy.

To lose the emotional feeling you get from pain is to give and receive; not to oppress or exploit one another on Earth. Spiritual growth is now replacing survival and is accepted in every culture, race and religion while so many people are suffering, dealing with starvation and living on the poverty line. The path of spiritual growth is calling them; this is creating a new deeper understanding of whom you are and what your purpose in life is.


Try this simple exercise.

This will help you see why you do the things you do and see why you have the things you have.

Spend some time sitting quietly. Consider why you have that new car, why you chose your partner and why you have a nice home.

Then ask yourself;

1. Am I a survivor?

2. Do I like things because, they make me feel better about myself or do they make me feel secure?

Looking into spiritual growth is to re-evaluate the pursuit of external power. By getting a larger home or a new car, you are attempting to feel whole and secure by manipulating and controlling the external world. Therefore, the pursuit of external power produces physical violence and destruction. It is not skill, talent or tangible things that produce destruction, it is the wish to manipulate and control people.

To achieve spiritual growth you need to reach outwards to show you care for others, not to manipulate and control. This is the cure for the insecurity that is at the core of every human experience. If you can reach outwards, it will soften the pain of feeling unworthy or the feeling of not belonging.


Another Emotional Awareness Exercise

Try to consider everything you do in your daily life. Starting from the time you wake, take a note of your actions and your belongings. Then at the end of the day answer the question below.

1. Do I have possessions because everyone else has?

2. Do I need possessions to feel secure?

3. Do I have possessions to make me feel better about myself?

4. Do I have possessions to make me better than others?

5. Do I have these things to make me feel safer in my environment?

Every time you answer yes to a question ask yourself. “Do I own these things to make me stand out and be noticed or is it because I am unhappy with life”? If this is the case, become aware and change your life and your priorities.

The difference between an old soul and a new soul is the new soul will have had no experience of life. The old soul has explored the physical and through this has leant to manipulate and control. The new soul will take guidance from the older soul as a learning tool. This is known as the path to authentic power.