Understanding Enlightenment and Karma

Enlightenment is change; this begins with you and with your mind, because of your actions. How aware are you of things that happen in your life.


Having enlightenment is not about being psychic or by having psychic readings. It is about the lessons you have to learn. The future does not start and end with being psychic or having psychic readings. Enlightenment is change; this begins with you and with your mind, because of your actions and how aware you are of their effects on your everyday life. Only by consciously applying consistent efforts in a genuine manner and by being alert to changes and feelings does enlightenment take place.

Change is constant so accept it. As a human you are an emotional being. You learn through emotional experiences so embrace them. The lessons you learn will not stop, as long as you are alive. Enlightenment does not mean a non-chaotic state of being. However, the manner and the degree you relate and react emotionally will change, bringing about greater harmony and giving you a more contented life.

The way you react emotionally to change and experience helps you to develop your understanding and this in turn gives you wisdom. This process dictates your blueprint for change or spiritual evolution. This is how consciousness evolves, this is karma.

Through understanding, you are able to detect patterns of behavior and have the courage to admit to yourself that there is a non-productive loop of behavior or pattern causing a rut. Only then are you able to assimilate this newly acquired knowledge and put it into action at every level of your daily life so that it influences your life.

Karma is not only what you are born with, it is also the actions you take, in other words it is how you manger your life. The number one statement that I hear many times is “it’s my Karma” This is most definitely wrong. It is worth noting here that Karma literally means action. Your action is what is viewed in Buddhism and Hinduism to dictate fate.

Actions are a result of your perceptions and understanding of knowledge and this you acquire as you go through life’s emotional experiences. Your willingness to understand is essential to the evolutionary process and results from having an open mind.

Knowledge implies responsibility, making your life the direct consequence of your actions. Not many people are willing to accept this. Taking responsibly is the first step to positive change on a spiritual or emotional level. Having an open mind comes about through being aware and staying alert to changes in your emotional state without fitting them into an already restricted personal context or a frame of reference.

Change comes when you recognize what you feel, and you do not analyze it. Have the courage to stay true to yourself by acknowledging any rut in your life and recognizing that you can change it by altering your actions and your life. From my experience, the process of dismantling barriers requires consistency, continuity and commitment.

Many people continue to hold on to their actions and they know that they are negative. This is because they are afraid of change and also because there is comfort in the devil you know than the devil you do not. This is not karma, it is not the fault of your parents, the position of the new moon or the fact that you walked under a ladder or broke a mirror. If you really want to be a different person, change your life and change who you are. This may be the hardest thing you will ever do.

Once you are emotionally secure within yourself, the need to emotionally react and to control experiences diminishes.

Accept that you are not the center of the universe but rather an essential speck in it. Accept that the universe just is. It does not get personal, you do. It is your responsibility to modify outdated actions and replace than by practical understanding. To put it simply, if you do not like your movie, rewrite the script.

When you have dealt with all your negative ways and turn them into positive ways you have reached enlightenment.