Forest Meditation

This forest meditation will take you on a journey through nature. Let yourself become reconnected with the healing power of the earth.


Begin to relax by closing your eyes. Give yourself permission to relax affirming to yourself that this is your time, your space, in this moment it is the right thing to do, to release, to let go and to relax. You feel a beautiful flow of peace starting at the top of your head; now let your muscles relax throughout your body. Sense the flow of peace entering into your mind giving you a sense of serenity, a sense of trust and a beautiful sense of oneness with all that is within and without.

Come along now to the edge of the forest. When you reach the opening, ask for permission to enter and then take your first steps along the path in front of you. Breathe in the aroma of the earth’s richness beneath your feet. Slowly take a long deep breath of the refreshing tranquility you have longed for. As you listen to the music, fill your lungs with the vitality of the moist scents of pine and cedar and visualize the beauty all around you.

As you relax acknowledge the inner peace you experience as you nourish your body with the fresh clear air. Now look around you and enjoy the protection above you formed by the towering trees which are shielding you and offering strength as you begin to settle into this temple of beauty built by nature. Feel the security of being alone yet knowing that there is warmth of love all around you.

Observe the birds playing with the dry leaves searching for food; hear the rustle of small animals and insects. Be thankful for this moment in time and enjoy the happiness. There are birds fluttering above as though they were angels of protection hovering over you. Observe the growth in the plants, vines and shrubs, watch the growing process as it happens. Know that your inner growth develops steadily depending on nourishment from the earth’s energy. Notice the strength that seeps into your veins as you marvel at the power in this forest and you begin to sense that this is where you belong.

As you continue to look about take time to absorb the spirit of the forest and begin to listen.

Hear the sounds of nature and let your body acknowledge the rhythm of movement that surrounds you. Allow it to become a part of your heartbeat. As you feel the blood pumping through your body you can now sense the energy as it rushes through you. Because of this high vibration, you can now feel that you are connecting to spirit.

Lift your face to the dewdrops falling from lush greenness and accept this healing power. Feel peace in the bird’s songs and happiness in your heart and the music sounds so magically coming from the woods. Touch the dampness of the leaves and feel the textures of the barks. Rest for a moment on the cool rock that appears. Before you take in its energy, you observe the clear water winding its way through the little creek near your feet.

It is now time to retrace you footsteps back on the path out of the forest. As you reach the clearing you feel the warmth of the bright sun on your cheeks, you see the blue of the sky and the lush green grass around you. When you are ready, open your eyes and return back to where you started, but remember you can return back here whenever you want to.