The Power of Hands on Healing

Do you lack energy, you can restore the balance using alternative therapies, but what do you choose? Use this guide for the best hands on healing techniques.


There is a power that is available to every creature that lives in this universe. This power is generally unused because as individuals you are usually unable to manipulate it. This is a shame because it could very easily alleviate hostility, sickness and disease. The saddest part is that the ability to manipulate this power is generally rejected mostly by those that need it.

The thought of hands on healing can seem mystical to many. It is said that only the prophets of old were able to do this. Some say that only a few living evangelists can heal with their hands. The physical body is designed to self-heal if given proper fuel and some caring help. Given time the human body will adapt to a wide variety of circumstances. If injured, the body can heal its self. You might have to set a broken bone or lance a boil, but the human body is truly amazing in the way it heals its self.

I am going to give you some tips on hands on healing for the physical body which are simple, easy to learn and to use. While these tips may not be all that is required to overcome and balance every disease in the body, they will certainly help.

This I hope will allow you to get on the pathway to your ultimate spiritual goal. It may be only another milestone on the pathway that you have chosen and are already on as you move along to the ultimate goal and achievement of whatever it is you are hoping to achieve.

The term hands on healing usually refers to an ability to improve the health of another person by use of vital energy moving through the healer. Hands on healing goes by several other names which include laying of hands, chakra healing, touch therapy, aura healing and faith healing.

There is some controversy regarding the validity of hands on healing. Many skeptics swear that the only effect from any kind of energy healing is that of a placebo. Believer’s claim that they have recovered from crippling illness and their recovery was due entirely to the practitioner’s hands on healing.

There are many different methods of energy healing with the hands. Healers typically believe that they are able to act as a catalyst for the patient's own natural healing. The belief is that since all matter is made up of energy, all living beings are able to influence the energy patterns of others. Some healing methods require a talent whilst other methods can be learned by almost anyone.

Some healing methods require years of discipline and training such as those performed by qigong and kung fu masters. Unique and personalized methods come naturally to a born healer; other methods require religious devotion and are prayer based. Nearly all healing hand methods agree that the vital energy comes from outside the body and is directed by the mind and amplified by the emotions.


There are three basic steps to using hands on healing;

1. Drawing in vital energy or activating the hands

2. Locating the specific areas that require balancing

3. Directing vital energy through the patient


Step 1 - Drawing in vital energy or activating the hands

An easy way to begin is with a few minutes of simple relaxed meditation. Just sit quietly with the body relaxed and focus on your breathing. Breathe in and out through your nose; with the tip of your tongue lightly touching the roof of your mouth just behind the front teeth. Focus on keeping your breathing slow and regular and breathe deeply into the lower abdomen. Rest your hands in your lap with your palms together, in whatever position is most comfortable for you. Continue this breathing until you begin to notice a sensation of warmth between your palms.


Step 2 - Locating the target areas

Without physically touching the patient's body slowly move the palms of your hands across the injured or imbalanced area, keeping the hands about 1-2 inches (2-10cm) away from the physical body. In other words you do not make physical contact with the patient. You may notice what seems like very hot or cold spots wherever there is a severely imbalanced energy. Just feel for the change of sensation in your palms.


Step 3 - Directing vital energy through the patient

Keep your palms an inch or two away from the patient directing your palms where you feel the worst hot or cold spot is. Focus your mind on the energy from your palms and think of cooling down the hot spot (or heating up the cold spot). When this healing hands methods starts to work both the healer and patient begin to feel strong physical sensations.

The bottom line is that if your mind can conceive and the heart can believe you can achieve.

When you start to use the healing powers of the hands try not to confer with others if there is the slightest hint or doubt as to whether or not they are of a like mind as yourself. In other words avoid negative people, if you are fortunate enough to have a friend with whom to share and learn so much the better. Together you can grow faster, however, you must be careful because if you are subject to ridicule before you can prove to yourself that you are capable of using this healing power you can loss confidences in yourself.

What do you think would have been the result if in school your teacher had not encouraged you to try and try with your English, if you friends had criticized and ridiculed you or told you that you would never been able to write? The same principle applies here. In the beginning you need encouragement, not criticism and ridicule. Have you ever had to go to the front of a class and answer a question and made a mistake and had everyone in class laugh at you? The natural course of the event is to stop right there, quilt and never go on. You want to do anything to stop or avoid the situation again, where in fact you should keep going until you get it right.

Do not be discouraged if nothing happens immediately or even if nothing happens on the first attempt. This whole process can take some people very little time, whilst others can take longer. Never give up, believe in yourself and what you are doing.