Why having a Positive Attitude can bring rewards

Are you the type of person who has a very negative attitude to most aspects of life? You are not alone in thinking this way.

I am the type of person who used to have a very negative attitude to most aspects of life. I am not alone in thinking this way as most of the people I meet seem to be constantly moaning about different things and basically feeling sorry for themselves. This article looks at the reasons and benefits of having a more positive attitude and outlook on life.

About ten years ago I decided that I needed to have a change of approach. I wanted to be a happy and care-free person and was fed up of always being stressed and worrying about the future. To achieve this I started to read many self-help, confidence type books and websites.

There was a regular message which came from this literature which was to think more positive and to believe in your ability to succeed in whatever you attempt to do.

This is easy to write or say, but in reality it is difficult to implement in practice. Of course I tried but in truth I did not really believe in the whole practice. I would go into a task thinking, I can do this, but it would still end up in failure.

I could not understand what was going wrong so I therefore went back to the books to try to learn more. There was a new and even more important message which I had missed the first time around. What I had to do was to take a positive out of whatever happens to me, even if this is learning from my failings.

Is life worth living without a dream?

We all need dreams and goals to get us through the days and years. If they are big and take years to achieve or rather 5 mins is insignificant, they are all important!

Can you truly be satisfied living someone elses dream?

NO, If you can be satisfied then it isn't someone elses dream but rather your own!

What is your potenial?

More than you'll ever know and if your not worried about going to far then yes you will succeed! "The only people who realise their potenial are those who risk going all the way"

Can anyone do anything?

Yes, the people who don't just have nobody to tell them they can or give them the push they needed or they would rather write it off as impossible rather than putting themself out on a limb!

Is wanting success selfish?

I think if you keep things in perspective and don't let the success take over your life and most of all don't think your better than anyone. You just have different talents and dreams.

I do believe we are all selfish, in that everything we do or say positive for someone else is a way of feeling good about ourselves..... What? Well when do we feel the best about ourselves? How about after giving someone a present or donating money to a charity.... so by saying that is being selfish a bad thing? At times, not at all!

How to find true happiness?

I believe balance is number 1 and I believe in our lives we will find our greatest happiness using the gifts that have been given to us and making the most of them. That is why having a Positive Attitude can bring rewards.


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