Working with Healing Hands

Experience the power of touch with healing hands. Hands are healing tools and are used in a variety of different spiritual healing therapies.


In order to understand the two most basic methods of healing you need a foundation to start. The two most basic methods are self-healing and healing hands. Although I have given you the two basic methods, it is the healing hands that I would like to spend time on. A majority of people connect healing hands to spiritualism. However, you must remember using the word spiritualism is no way connected to any organization or religious group. You can be an enlightened spiritual person without having any ties to any church, mosque, synagogue or other religious order.

The two main areas which affect your health are the mind and the physical body. Your mind controls your body and your thoughts have the power to create positive and negative feelings in your physical body. Positive thoughts help to promote good health just as negative thoughts have the power to promote unfavorable health. Negative thoughts cause almost half of all physical health problems.

The way you treat your body affects your physical health if you treat you body badly, for example a bad or unhealthy diet, will cause negative energy and therefore negative health in your physical body.

If you treat your body with respect, for example a good healthy diet, it will be filled with positive energy giving your physical body good health.

The term healing hands usually refers to an ability to improve the health of another person by using vital energy that moves through a healer. Healing hands does go by others names including laying on of hands, energy healing, chakra healing, energy work, touch therapy and aura healing. Healers are able to act as a catalyst for the patient’s own natural healing. Because all mater is made up of energy, it allows a healer to influence the energy pattern of others. This method of healing uses the vital energy that comes from outside of the body and is directed by the mind and amplifies the emotions.

There are five basic steps when using your healing hands to heal. This is by drawing in vital energy, activating the hands and locating the specific area that requires balancing and directing vital energy through the person you are working on and discharging the imbalance.

Below are some steps you can try.


Drawing vital energy and activating your healing hands.

The easiest way to start is by doing a few minutes of simple relaxation or meditation. Sit quietly with your whole body relaxed and focus on your breathing. Start to breathe in and out through your nose, keep breathing slowly and regularly, and breathe deeply into the lower abdomen. Place you hands on your lap with your palms facing upwards. Do this until you notice a sensation of warmth in your palms.


Now you have to locate the specific area with your healing hands.

Without physically touching slowly move your hands up and down the person’s body. Keep your hands about 1 to 2 inches (2 to 5 CM) away from making physical contact with the person. As you work along the person’s body you will start to notice what appears to be very hot or very cold spots. These areas are the imbalanced energy areas and to help you know these areas you will notice a sensation in your palms.


Directing vital energy.

Keep your palms an inch or two away from the person’s body. Now place your palms over the worst hot or cold spot. Focus your mind on the energy from your palms and think of cooling down the hot area or heating the cold area. Once the healing starts to work, both you and the person you are healing will start to feel a strong physical sensation. Keep this going until you feel you palms have returned to their normal feeling and then stop. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes per area.


Now you have to discharge the imbalanced energies because as the healer you can absorb some of the imbalances.

To clear the imbalances flick your fingers or shake your hands repeatedly during a healing session to release the energy build up. If this is your first time, the best way to clear away negativity from your healing session is to immediately wash your hands under running cold water.

That is all there is to it, so why not work on someone you know and trust, to see what end result you get. I do understand that there is some controversy regarding having healing hands. I also understand that many skeptics swear that the only effect from any kind of energy that heals is a placebo. However, believers claim that they have recovered from illness and that the healer has got healing hands. I personally believe in healing hands or healing energy not only because my clients are living proof but the fact that I had healing when I was two years old and it worked for me, and at that age how could I have understood what was happening, for it to be a placebo.