The History of Spiritualism

Spiritualism is a belief that spirits of the dead have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living.


Most of the various forms of psychic phenomena associated with spiritualist movement are as old as man. Throughout the ages, human beings have been aware of the existence of discarnate (having no physical body) beings. In early days when man lived close to nature, ancestor-worship became a form of religion; primitive man had no doubt that his ancestors had survived death and that they had the powers to affect the living or ill. The Wiseman of a tribe who possessed psychic powers would testify to the presence of spirits and communication is then established.

The Greeks consulted oracles and the Assyrians and Romans gained insight from their gods, allowing them to obtain guidance. Even today, some cultures have witch doctors who invoke the powers of the spirit for healing. It can be seen therefore, that there is nothing new in the concept of a Spiritualism inhabited by discarnate beings or the use of psychic power to achieve spirit communication.

The early Christian Church was based on mediumship. Jesus of Nazareth was reported to have been exceptionally gifted.

This is illustrated in reports of his healing powers, his inspired teachings and his miracles. The Bible in both the Old and New Testament has many references to psychic abilities, inspirational speech, speaking in other languages, physical mediumship and healing.

However, in the 4th century the Council of Nicaea brought to an end the use of mediums and ruled that divine guidance should be sought only from the priesthood `false prophets` were held to be servants of the devil and mediums were all targets for persecution as a result of witch mania. During this long period of persecution, anyone suspected of using their psychic gifts for whatever purpose was in danger of torture, trial and burning, this lead to hundreds and thousands of mediums being sentence to death by organized witch hunters.

Modern Spiritualism is generally considered to date from the events that occurred at Hydesville New York on March 31st 1848. When two Sisters Margaretta Fox aged ten and Catherine Fox aged seven began to communicate with a spirit that lived in their home. The two sisters would ask the spirit questions and the spirit would reply by means of a rapping or a knocking sound which become known as spirit rapping.

The two sisters identified their friendly spirit as Charles Rosma aged 31. They also predicted that his body was in the basement of the house. Charles Rosma had lived in the house. He was killed at the house a few years after it had move in. A few years later after the prediction of the sisters, a human skeleton found in the basement of the house, was the skeleton of Charles Rosma.

After a few years and because of the interest in people that had psychic abilities, investigations were carried out on people and their psychic abilities, allowing mediumship to come out into the open once more. Many homes started circles for the purpose of further communication with spirit. In a very short space of time, many societies of Spiritualism began to form.



Although scientific thinking has proven extremely effective since its introduction some 2,500 years ago, plus the fact that scientists can back up their research in almost everything, showing proof and verifying their research, it has had little effect on the spirit world. This is possible due to a scientist’s train of thought and logical disposition, as they cannot incorporate the spirit world or what it has to offer.

Scientists have no idea about the `spark of life` much less the associated phenomena. In short, all scientists have been able to explain is based in the physical world and they brush the unexplainable aside, because unanswered questions insult their credibility. Worse still, they lead us astray by trying to explain transcendental phenomena scientifically; this is like jamming a round peg into a square hole, entrenching their incorrect conclusions into the mindset of civilization. Science has not the tools or mentality to tackle such questions leaving the conclusion left with no answers. Because of the arrogance of some scientists, they would not look for answers outside their teachings. Think of it this way, answers are not answers unless they are correct answers.

The one thing we do know is that spiritualism has been around for a very long time and will be here in the years to come. I do believe that in time there will be answers but possible not in my lifetime.