How to Attract Men Self-Help Books

Reviews of the best how to attract men self-help books 2024

His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession by James Bauer (4.7)

Many women want to make their man feel loved.
But a woman’s idea of loving communication is very different than a man’s.


How do you communicate your true feelings to a man? And why are men so sensitive to tiny signals about where you rank him compared with other men?

To dive a little deeper into that particular question. His secret obsession is a breakthrough program written by relationship expert James Bauer, based on over 12 years’ worth of research and experience.


This program will show you how to increase a man's attraction and devotion in ways that feel completely natural.

It will teach you how to awaken a man's most secret and powerful desire to earn your love, prove his devotion to you, and give you romance that lasts a lifetime.


This program is ideal for women that have emotionally unavailable boyfriends, bored and distant husbands or even exes that wouldn't give them the time of day.


It shows you how to tap into a powerful life-long desire all men share, and harness it to transform the way men experience them.


This desire is half emotional need and half biological drive, and it is rarely satisfied in life or love.

After watching this video, many women are surprised to learn how much control they have over a man’s self-esteem.
And even more surprised by how easy it is to make someone cherish you and want to invest in the relationship.

Get a Great Guy Guide

Get A Great Guy Guide by Mirabelle Summers (4.6)

When I hear about women having dating and relationship problems, I hear the same theme of issues coming out every time: you can find a man, but not the right man. Or it may be a case of not being able to hang on to them for more than a few dates. Similarly, it may be a case of feeling as though all the quality men have been snapped up and all that are left are ones that you aren't attracted to.

Have you ever felt as though all of this is sometimes out of your control? The ones you are attracted to are already married or in relationships, and the single ones that you do end up dating don't seem to last.


Your dating record may be characterized by a string of dismal failures, but after all that time you still aren't any closer to getting "the one."


For all the women that share with me their dating and attraction issues, there are as many products out there that promise you the holy grail. They promise to take you in hand and teach you how to dress, act, behave, even down to how you hold your body. Sure, many women follow this advice blindly, in the hope that they can be convincing enough to get a guy's attention. But isn't a relationship about much more than just getting the guy?


That's where author Mirabelle Summers has a striking point of difference. In her ironically-named "Get a Great Guy Guide," the first thing she professes is that it's not about getting the guy as it is gaining the knowledge, skills and ability to be authentic, creative, and irresistibly attractive.


Rather than catching the guy, it's about freeing yourself from your past limitations and getting in touch with your most attractive self, and letting this guide you to living the lifestyle of your wildest dreams. Empowering stuff huh?

When I started to flick through this book, I was surprised at how applicable this stuff really is. If what Mirabelle is telling you in the book doesn't get through completely, she reinforces those thoughts and ideas with exercises, called "Actionable Attraction Challenges." It's a great way of reinforcing the strong mindsets and concepts coming through in her revolutionary take on dating and your attitude.


In fact, this 250+ page ebook is literally bursting with dating and attraction advice, and tips that will turn your life around. It's like having your own mentor or personal success coach right there in front of you.


Why would you be interested in it? Because the approach you have taken to dating and attraction hasn't worked for you thus far. You may have achieved success in other endeavors in your life, like your career and your friends, but your relationships have remained the great unknown.


Now it's time to find out what YOU can do to empower and prepare yourself for the right man and relationship when it comes along. Rather than focusing on finding out what men want, finding out what men do wrong, and finding ways to trick them into wanting you, the Get A Great Guy Guide by Mirabelle Summers is going to teach you methods to develop your attitude and inner attraction so that you are able to see attraction when it happens, and know how to maintain it.

Text Chemistry by Amy North

Text Chemistry by Amy North (4.3)

Amy North is a relationship coach, Youtuber and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada. She specializes in helping women from around the world find and keep the man of their dreams. Men have an innate need to provide for women. These days, this doesn’t mean that they want to bring you home a wooly mammoth but it means they want to be useful to you in some way.


Whether it means giving you a ride to work, mowing your lawn or just providing you with some information, it’s important to feed these ancient provider instincts that are deep in the heart of every man.


Even though many women find it difficult to get a guy to settle down, that is what men actually want. It’s not that they don’t want a relationship, or even that they haven’t met the right woman yet. It’s that the women they’ve been dating haven’t given them exactly what they want and need.


So what does any of this have to do with texting? Everything.

This is actually way more important when you’re just texting a guy than when you’re seeing him face to face. In person you have access to body language, pheromones, and all the non-verbal aspects of flirting and seduction.
But when you’re texting you have to use language and verbal behaviour to get him interested.


I highly recommend you try the Text Chemistry Program. It’s packed with dozens of sample texts that are tailored to specific situations. Is the guy you’re into shy? Is he married? Does he seem like he has no interest in dating you?


Don’t worry. The Text Chemistry Program by Amy North has got you covered with her Triple Text System that men are powerless to resist. It’s all about igniting a man’s pleasure, protector, and predator impulses to change his brain chemistry so he has no choice but to hold you in his arms and never let go.

The Devotion System by Amy North

The Devotion System by Amy North (4.3)

It’s hard to imagine a better, more comprehensive guide to finding and keeping a soulmate than Amy North's new program called "The Devotion System". Simply put, the innovative techniques and little-known tricks included in The Devotion System program give any woman the tools necessary to find her soulmate and build a loving relationship with him.


The Devotion System contains advice on arguably every aspect of dating for women; from getting a guy’s number and sending the first text to how to bring up the ‘M word’ (yes, the dreaded marriage talk); from keeping things sexy after children to preventing infidelity long-term. This book has advice for every woman at any stage in her quest to find love.


Maybe it’s me, but there don’t seem to be many women in the dating advice business.... or at least, there aren't many that actually offer any new advice or techniques outside of what you can already find in Cosmo magazine. That’s one reason why I found The Devotion System so refreshing. Amy North is a woman’s woman– smart, insightful and straightforward, she tells it like it is, and she cares about her clients. That fact is clear from the very beginning.


The book is divided into 3 parts, and the first is devoted completely to the importance of self-love and letting go of hang-ups and unhealthy behaviors in order to successfully find a loving relationship that lasts. North goes into great depth about the problems previous “relationship hangovers” can cause– both to one’s present happiness and future relationships– and the advice she provides in this section alone is of major value. Reading advice from a woman concerned with empowering women and helping them get what they want is a great place to start.


Add to that parts 2 and 3 (on understanding men and achieving love and commitment respectively), and you have yourself an insightful collection of advice and information that you can use over and over at different stages of your life and relationship(s).


As a relationship and dating coach, Amy North also enjoys insight from the men she works with, so there are several sections that provide information on male psychology, too. From common male fears and insecurities to their true sexual and intimacy-related desires, she offers readers a wealth of knowledge on the men they could be dating – including profiles on typical “types” and what to expect from them.


Add to that actionable psychology- and science-based tips on texting, flirting, reading him, seducing him, satisfying him and more, and you have a book that will prove useful to its owner again and again. This stuff actually works, too -- the new strategies Amy covers in The Devotion System were very effective when put to use in the real world.


If there’s a flaw to this book, it’s that there’s no physical version available yet. Currently, The Devotion System is only available in online e-book format, so if you want a paper copy for now you’ll have to print it yourself. That said, this also means that buyers get access to the program within a minute or two of completing the registration process, even if it's 3am and you're lying in bed.


The program itself is nicely divided into bite-size sections organized across The Devotion System’s private and personalized client-accessed website, making chapters easy to locate and revisit. Overall, even though the format of the program was the area given the lowest score (9.4 out of 10) in our ratings, it is still the among the best out there in terms of ease-of-use and overall presentation.


Not only that, but the book currently comes with technical and customer support included and several other bonuses, including a 13-part video training series and 3 bonus ebooks including Cheat-Proofing Your Relationship in the package.


Amy North offers an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee with every copy of this program, so there's no risk to trying it out for yourself.... which means that, when you add it all up, The Devotion System by Amy North is a must-have and easily the best women's dating guide available.