How Crystal Healing Works

With this guide to Crystal healing I would like to introduce you to some of the basic points to consider when working with crystals.


A healer should be experienced in crystal healing and must understand the way the crystals and there colors can be mixed together.

All crystal stones have their own color and vibration, so before the healer can start your treatment they will ask you a few simple questions. This is to assess which crystals colors they need to use. By giving to much exposure to certain crystal colors can result in side effects. Crystal healing must be used wisely and only by healers that have the knowledge to use it correctly.

Crystal healing unblocks the negative patterns and helps to clear the energy field which surrounds the body. Healing is a process of working with the energy field and with the help of the crystals will bring you back to feeling whole again.

The energy field is the energy of the soul. Each of us is first and foremost a soul. Working with the energy field for a healer means they are working with the energy of the soul and this is the highest form of intervention you can receive. It is the most efficient way to identify and eliminate the root causes of both psychological and physical illness.

Crystal healing helps to raise the vibration frequency of your energy field. At an emotional level this can be accomplished by the crystals releasing the low frequency feelings of sadness, anger, and fear. Allowing us to learn to live with the feeling of peace and joy, this also includes helping us to have positive thoughts.

Crystal stones and crystals do this by working on the body’s energy fields which are known as the “chakras”. These are involved in processing emotional energy. When the chakras are not working properly you can feel unwell or tied.

When you visit a healer the room in which they work should be light and bright with candles and crystals and maybe fresh flowers. All these things help to give a feeling of peace, and an atmosphere of harmony. The room should have no negativity and you should immediately feel comfortable and relaxed. Healing work demands that anyone entering a healing room should feel welcome and that everything that is spoken about is keep confidential between you and the healer. Crystals are light, spirit and love, they represent another dimension and open a way to move and communicate between the earth and the next dimension.

Perhaps we should begin to examine every part of life which we have previously taken for granted. Our bodies are like plants if they are not feed and watered they will die or become weak. For too long we have ignored what we are doing to the earth and how it is screaming out for our attention. The earth is soft and gentle and is especially beneficial for all living things and through man’s sensitivity all we are doing is taking and never replacing.

Crystals are an integral part of the earth's core they are here to help us. Crystal stones and crystals are placed on earth to send out healing to all cultures of life whether man, animal or plant life. Crystals and gems are magical and mysterious and they are a law unto themselves. When they loss there splendor they become ill as we do, but when they are shining they sparkle as we do, when we are happy.

They can be used to amplify our thoughts, help us to focus, transmit energy and generate love. When we have crystals in our life they show us a rainbow of color which helps us to have a peaceful and joyful life.

I hope this gives you an insight to what crystal healing is about.