How to be psychic and develop your skills

Learn how to be psychic. Everyone has the ability you just need the desire to practice and tap into the unknown world. See your psychic ability grow with practice.


As you are already looking at this site, then you have already begun! The first step to waking up your psychic ability is to admit to yourself that you have one. It takes time for the subconscious to be able to communicate with the conscious mind and the best way to do this is by simply thinking about it. How to be Psychic you just need to believe in yourself.

For example, you could say to yourself, “I am psychic” on a daily basis. Alternatively, try to discuss this with whoever is willing to listen to you. All these thoughts have a positive effect on developing your gift. You should also try to read about it, as this helps to wake things up in the subconscious. Knowledge will help, as you need some understanding of how things work. Adopt the policy you would take with a new hobby. Become involved, become familiar with various approaches and opinions and start to develop your own ideas. Deal directly with what appeals to you, what your logic finds reasonable. Disregard what you find difficult to accept. You can always return to it later.

You should set some time aside to practice. Calm the mind, play gentle soothing music and relax.

Meditation is explained in more detail on other pages throughout this site. Sometimes it helps to picture a summer scene, a field or meadow with the sun shining. Remember, it is impossible to completely clear the mind, so picture this field and if a picture pops into your head, even briefly try to work out what it was. Can you relate it to something or someone? Do you get a feeling of a forthcoming event? Please remember you are not trying to contact anyone. How to be psychic is about learning about yourself and others around you.

Practice can be a dreaded word; however, practice is just as important in the psychic world as it is in the physical world. It is all about understanding the information coming to you and understanding it comes from a different source.

How to be Psychic. The more you practice and the more exercises you do, (which can be found on this site) the easier it will become.

Try pausing before you do something. For example, when the phone rings, pause a few seconds before answering. Can you tell who it is? Try it when someone knocks on your front door. Try it at work; see if you can tell if someone is happy, sad or preoccupied. Your mind will have become used to receiving information with your usual senses and it will take time for it to accept this transition. You may find you are attracted to Tarot cards or psychometry. Tarot cards can help you develop your psychic awareness. You could also consider psychometry as this gives you something physical to work with.

A question I am often asked is, can you develop your own mediumship skills? My answer to you is while this site is designed to help you do just that; remember it is you that allows the process to work, I can only guide you (it is not difficult). One thing you do need is respect for others. You need to build a firm base on which to expand, and you need to be patient and exploitative.

Start to pay attention to your dreams, understand what they mean and what they tell you, let them guide you. Although you can develop your skills, it can be helpful if you have someone you can practice the exercises with, or someone that can help you study this book.

How to be Psychic. Firstly, you need to prove to yourself that your psychic ability is real. By experience, you store the episodes in your memory. All those things you knew that come true all the things you could tell other people about themselves, each fact you get right will be your proof. At some point chance, coincidence and mathematical probability are no longer a factor. You search your feeling, you begin to trust yourself, you see the good you are doing, and the comfort you are giving. The mystery of the universe lies before you, no longer mysterious but like a giant unread book.