How to conduct a Séance Circle

The only rule on how to conduct a Séance Circle is that everyone present believes that it is possible to communicate and follows the rules carefully.


Many people have asked how to conduct a séance, although I strongly disagree with séances I will provided you with instructions on how to hold a séance in the safest way possible.

A séance is an event that can either give you information or be a real mess. Which one it is will depend on how much preparation you put into it. With a bit of planning you can pave the way for your séance to go smoothly. Certainly, it is a good idea to expect the unexpected after all the dead are hardly predictable. But by setting yourself a few guidelines in advance, you can make sure that everyone has the best experience possible.


1: Always plan your guest list.

First figure out how many people you are going to invite, and make sure the space you are using will allow everyone to have a seat around the table. Make sure all the people you are inviting have an open mind to the spirit world. People who are non believers will bring a certain amount of negative energy, and can be disruptive. You may also find that it adversely effects your communication with spirit during your séance.


2: Create a spirit friendly atmosphere.

Many séances are conducted at a round or oval table, but if neither is available, do not worry. Drape the table you decide to use with fabric or a table cloth, some people prefer light colors to help attract friendly spirits, however this is a matter of personal preference. If you use incense be sure that no one in the group is allergic to it. Place the incense somewhere away from the table, rather than on the table. Candles are also a nice addition, not only do they provide some visibility, it is also believed that spirits are attracted to heat and a light source.


3: Use common sense.

Help your group to feel comfortable by offering light refreshments before you begin. Make sure your group is respectful of the spirits, and of other people in the group. Turn off all cell phones and if anyone needs to go to the bathroom or have a smoke, do so before you start. Set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature and remember that spirit activity can cause some fluctuation in temperature levels. Once everyone in your group is seated and comfortable, do a short guided mediation, and then place Psychic protection around the group.


4: During the séance.

Many séance groups like to hold hands to raise energy; you do not have to do this, because if the séance goes on too long, it can get uncomfortable. Whoever is acting as the leader of the séance (the medium) should ask the spirits to join the group. If there is a specific spirit you are trying to contact ask for them by name. For example, now would be the time to say “Dear Auntie Rose, we respectfully ask that you join us with your presence this evening. As long as the spirits seem willing to reply, you can carry on a question and answer session with them. Please bear in mind that spirits respond in different ways. Sometimes there will be a tangible reaction, a tap, a thump or a soft breeze. Other times particularly if you have psychically gifted people in your group the spirit may choose to respond through another person. This may be the medium or another person in the group. The individual may simply “get a message” to pass along, which they would then share such as “Your Auntie Rose wants you to know she is not in any pain anymore.


5: More than one spirit.

Sometimes, particularly if you have a group of psychically gifted individuals, you may get several spirits arriving all at once. This is not cause for alarm, but it does take some managing, because they have all got something to say. Treat it like you would any other conversation when you are in a large group. Let each spirits get their turn to deliver the message they came with, and then move on to the next one. Please bear in mind that not all spirits are from departed humans your deceased pets may also have a message to pass along.


6: Unwanted Entities or spirits.

Just like at any party, sometimes a séance will bring an uninvited guest. In this case, when you have a spirit that seems malevolent or mischievous, someone needs to let them know they are unwelcome. Typically, this will be the medium who is leading the séance, who will usually say something like, “You are not wanted here, but we thank you for your presence. Now it is time for you to move on”.

If an entity arrives that seems angry or hostile and will not leave, no matter how you feel you must end the séance. It is possible that it has been attracted to someone in the group who may have underlying issues.


7: Finishing the séance.

When you are finished with the séance, it is important that the group thank spirit for coming to visit. After all, you would do so if you had guests around your home. If one of your group members has slipped into a trance or a sleep like state during the séance, allow them to return gradually, on their own. DO NOT shake them awake. Chances are they have a message for someone once they arrive back to the group.

Close the séance by telling the spirits you are finishing and then thank them and ask them to move along. You may want to offer a small blessing or prayer as a way to end the séance, but bear in mind that some spirits like to hang around after you have officially finished. If they do it is okay. They are probably just curious, and they may return to visit you later in the evening during a dream sequence.


8: Important tips.

Before you start your séance smudge the area with sage or sweet grass for ritual cleansing

Make sure you have eliminated potential distractions, such as children or ringing telephones. Interestingly, many pets seem to come and go through spirit activity without causing any disruption. Cats in particular tend to be very curious about what is going on, and have been known to make themselves right at home in the middle of spirit work.

Your guests may wish to bring an object that belonged to a deceased person as a way of strengthening the connection. Photographs are also a good link to the spirit world.