Auras and Chakras Articles

Read our articles on Auras and Chakras. Including unblocking and Chakra Healing.



How Color Therapy affects the body
An insight into the world of color therapy. There are seven chakras in the body which control your emotions and well being.

Removing Blocked Energy
Blocked energy healing technique shows how effective use of this healing technique potential hinges on an unwavering trust in you and spirit.

Understanding Chakras and Auras
The difference between chakras and auras understand how the energy flows from head to toe. The auras and chakras work and act in different ways.

Ways to Mentally Clean your Aura
How to Mentally Clean your Auras and Relax. How to remove the stresses and strains of everyday life that can bring.



Basic Chakras Healing
Basic chakra healing starts with you being relaxed and comfortable. They are associated with liveliness and the quality of your physical health.

The Chakra Activation System
Have you ever wondered if the Universe is really out to get you? It could be your Chakras are out of balance.

Chakra Healing Creates Harmony
Learn to open and balance your energy fields with chakra healing. By using this simple chakra meditation you will create harmony and balance in your life.

Chakra Healing Attunements Process
The chakra healing attunement works to cleanse and heal your chakras from old issues and negative energies that are being held there, so you have more energy.

Chakra Healing and Different Crystals
The chakras are a series of seven energy wheels located along the center of the body. Discover how chakra healing and crystals help the body to heal.

Energy Healing Explained
How energy healing simply restores the bodies energy flow. Negative emotions, experiences and thought patterns can all disrupted your energy flow.

Exercise for Opening the Chakras
How opening the chakras can lead you to a healthy and happy life. Once you open your chakras your physical body is healthy and balanced.

Harmonizing and Aligning the Chakras
Did you know that by aligning the chakras helps with your health and well being? This self-help technique helps you physical, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How Chakra Healing works with Flowers Colors
When you connect chakras with flower energy, you raise a vibrational energy that brings them alive and restores your energy.

Healing Chakras and Chakra Balancing
How chakra balancing helps to improve your health, and well being and enrich the performance of your life. Chakras are the gateway to energy and healing.

The Chakras and the Planets
Lines of energy flow from each chakra to each corresponding planet. Did you know the chakras have ruling planets? Do you know what ruling planets mean?

The Journey into the Self - Chakras
Journey into the Self Chakras. Become aware of the subtle energy centers in the body and your connection to Mother Earth beneath your feet.

Understanding Chakra Centers
The word chakra means “wheel of light”. There are 7 chakra centers and energy centers in your body in which energy flows.

Unblocking the Root Chakra
How to heal a blocked root chakra using Crystal Healing. When the root chakra becomes blocked, there is an interruption in the flow of earth energy.